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MaalChain blockchain technology

MaalChain effectively addresses the challenges, concerns, and skepticism associated with existing blockchains and dApps. This is achieved through the integration of an innovative Web3 technology called “Concept-of-Identity,” that provides the ability to achieve the level of compliance necessary for financial institutions and governments to fully embrace blockchain technology. 

In the realm of blockchain technology, MaalChain leads the way in innovation, reshaping global business interactions and processes. What sets MaalChain apart is its unwavering dedication to regulatory compliance and its pioneering use of advanced biometric facial solutions for securing and recovering digital assets. These advancements hold the promise of revolutionizing entire industries while streamlining business operations for optimal efficiency.

Why Maal is Different?

Maal embraces a philosophy of true decentralization and fairness by extending governance authority over the network through the MAAL Validator DAO, ensuring that key decisions are made collectively and in a manner that fosters inclusivity and fairness among its stakeholders. The MaalChain Validator DAO comprises a group of 150 validators which consist of three fixed tiers and ranked based on their MAAL coin holdings and passed KYC requirements. 

Maal Validator DAO membership and rights are confirmed through ownership of a MaalChain validator NFT. These NFTs represent ownership of DAO validator rights and can be transferred, subject to completion of a mandatory 5-year vesting period. Validators are required to operate in alignment with ethical standards that will be enforced through the DAO governance mechanism. Validators receive rewards for their services, including transaction fees and staking pool rewards.

It’s essential to note that each validator can hold no more than 2 validator NFTs concurrently to prevent any one entity from exerting undue influence over the DAO. However, validators are unrestricted from holding additional Maal coins to rank higher within their respective tier.

MaalChain uses Ai technology called “Al-Muttaqin” to verify and filter projects and tokens that are listed on its blockchain. Projects and tokens which are verified receive a blue verification tick. Those that are shariah compliant, receive a gold verification tick.

The Main Mission of MaalChain

MaalChain is committed to reshaping and redefining the global landscape of business and financial interactions. This mission is realized through the seamless integration of compliance mechanisms within its blockchain ecosystem.

Beyond this, MaalChain is dedicated to bringing about a paradigm shift within the blockchain industry. It achieves this by incorporating renowned ecosystems into its own blockchain framework, featuring key components such as Ramz MarketCap, a token listing and information site, RamzSwap, a decentralized exchange, and the PanSEA NFT marketplace. It is worth noting that to ensure adherence to regulatory standards and accountability, all projects and tokens seeking listing on these platforms undergo rigorous KYC and verification processes.

MaalChain emerges as a formidable force in blockchain technology, championing principles of trust, security, and efficiency while unwaveringly upholding ethical standards. This marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the blockchain industry. MaalChain: The Phenomenal Blockchain.

Why Invest in Maal?

MaalChain, a Layer-2 EVM blockchain, is purpose-built to expedite and optimize transactions while significantly reducing costs in comparison to numerous other blockchain platforms. Its integrated standard libraries are designed to align with developer familiarity. MaalChain is particularly tailored for the creation of customized private dApps for government and financial institutions, accommodating their unique parameters and regulations. Furthermore, it effortlessly integrates with widely-used EVM tools and infrastructure, streamlining the deployment process for dApps on the MaalChain ecosystem.

MaalChain guarantees not just security and privacy, but also upholds ethical principles rooted in Maqasid Al Sharia, rendering it an exceptionally compelling option for both the Islamic community and individuals in pursuit of a blockchain solution that is fair and ethically sound, whether for utilization or development purposes.

The project is already preparing an IEO on the P2B exchange.

The tokenomics and coin release strategy for Maal Blockchain offers several advantages. It provides price support, incentivizes key participants, jumpstarts network activity, and ensures long-term commitment from stakeholders. Additionally, it encourages ecosystem growth and decentralization, ultimately contributing to the blockchain’s success and sustainability. Maal is a deflationary coin with total supply restricted to 10 billion coins.

To stay updated on the availability of Maal Coin on various Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), investors are encouraged to regularly check for the latest updates and announcements in this section.

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