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Compound Banc Launches Real Estate Savings Bond for Investors With Fixed 7% APY

The public debut of Compound Banc’s platform, which enables high-quality investment products for individual investors, has been announced. Compound Real Estate Bonds (CREB), the first real estate savings bond in the US, are the platform’s initial offering.

It is also the only bond investment with a fixed 7% yield on investment, no fees, obligations, or minimums, and is backed by cash-producing real estate assets that is open to both accredited and non-accredited investors. After investments are made, they can still be withdrawn at any moment without incurring any fees or penalties because they are totally liquid. This is a huge plus to short term investors.

The announcement follows the company’s Regulation A certificate from the Securities and Exchange Commission authorizing a $75 million initial public bond sale. With no fees, no obligations, and no minimums, accredited and non-accredited investors receive a fixed 7% return on their investments, which are supported by premium, cash-producing real estate assets. Investors can dive into exploring this in the company’s mobile app or web-based platform.

Compound Banc is offering stable, consistent, and long-term growth instruments in an effort to increase individual investors’ access to alternative wealth-building solutions. Investors can purchase Compound Bonds for as little as $10, in contrast to traditional real estate investing, which demands large initial capital, restricted diversification, and exposure with poor liquidity. Non-accredited investors are limited to buying up to 10% of their annual income or net worth, while accredited investors have no cap on the number of bonds they can acquire. Another huge plus to accredited investors looking to diversify their assets.

The fixed APY that Compound Banc offers seems to be one of the best in the market. Compound Real Estate Bonds are a financial instrument that let investors put money into government-backed real estate projects. CREBs are made to make it easier for small investors to access the real estate market and generate a profit. The government issues the bonds, which are then sold to investors who get a predetermined rate of interest in return for their money. Real estate projects, such as the construction of affordable housing and other forms of infrastructure, are financed using the money obtained through CREBs.

Retail investors tend to lack the technicals, products, or tools to outperform Wall Street in the short term, according to Michael Burmi, Chief Investment Officer at Compound Banc. But many financial platforms encourage users to try. Retail investors are given more leverage by Compound Banc to take advantage of their biggest edge over Wall Street: time. The business states that it will provide institutional-quality solutions that support long-term capital accumulation for investors.

Investors can use Compound Banc’s web-based platform or mobile app to access the company, and it also provides tax-advantaged accounts for tax-free retirement savings. Compound Banc employs a value investment strategy, buying assets for less than they are worth in order to protect investors’ returns from fees. According to Yuvraj Tuli, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Compound Banc, compounding interest over time increases wealth, particularly when expenditures are kept low.

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