Composable Finance continues to advance its vision for cross-chain DeFi, will attend ETH Amsterdam

Composable Finance has won two parachain slots through auctions, achieved multiple milestones in its product journey and is now actively evangelizing with its plans on attending ETH Amsterdam from April 22nd to April 23rd to present its vision for cross-chain DeFi, and introduce the Ethereum community to its Composable SDK.

Composable Finance is a developer-focussed interoperability platform that seeks to create a blockchain and ecosystem agnostic DeFi landscape. This would allow for the free movement of liquidity, and the unified function of applications across chains, layers, and ecosystems. 

Composable Finance is connecting siloed blockchains and blockchain layers through interoperability

Composable has raised over $140 million to win two parachains by auction on the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems. It will use the Kusama parachain to build the Picasso ecosystem, which connects EVM-compatible Layer 1s and 2s and the IBC-Cosmos network of blockchains, with the Polkadot and DotSama networks. Picasso will also host a suite of novel Substrate DeFi primitives, which currently do not exist in the DotSama ecosystem specifically but are highly demanded. Its Polkadot parachain, dubbed the ‘Composable Parachain’, will house its cross-chain smart contract virtual machine (XCVM). The XCVM enables developers to write secure smart contracts across multiple ecosystems in one language, through a singular, easy-to-use interface. Composable’s XCVM present the first truly bottom-up customization of an infrastructural piece that can facilitate natively interoperable protocol communication across multiple chains. 

Composable has built dApps such as the Mosaic transfer availability layer. Mosaic exists as a Substrate pallet, and functions as a bridge that can guarantee asset transfers through its liquidity mechanisms, in a cost-effective and timely manner. It specifically connects to any EVM-compatible Layer 1 or 2, that has integrated the Composable SDK. It acts to connect these ecosystems to the wider DeFi landscape, and deep liquidity bridging.

Composable leverages Polkadot’s shared security and relay chain. As a consequence, it is able to overcome exploit concerns inherent to interoperability solutions, and is reinforced for institutional volumes of throughput. In addition, due to its use of Substrate ‘stackable’ pallets that can easily be combined to form and deploy novel services, developers are also able to experiment and quickly deploy new applications. In addition, it has built the Centauri-IBC bridge to connect to the Cosmos network of blockchains, and its Mosaic liquidity layer to connect to EVM-compatible Layer 1s and 2s.
As such, Composable is positioned to attract deep liquidity and volume from across the DeFi space, and helps realize the potential of the DotSama ecosystem. It remains active in its pursuit of an ecosystem and blockchain agnostic DeFi future.

ETH Amsterdam Cross-Chain Events

On Friday April 22nd, Composable will be hosting a party at the Flying Dutchman between 8 pm and 11 pm CEST. There they will be celebrating DeFi and introduce the Ethereum community to its ecosystem, answer questions, and share more about its Composable SDK. Registration can be completed here

Composable will also be hosting a late night hours party on Saturday April 23rd, from 11:45 pm to 3 am. Registration can be completed here.

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