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CompleteCSM Launches First Customer Intelligence Cloud for Customer Success Operations and Data Science Teams

New Customer Intelligence Cloud democratizes the ability to collect signals, reveal customer intent, and aggregate historical telemetry and adoption data for Enterprise Consumption.

CompleteCSM, Inc., a rapidly growing software company that democratizes Customer Success Intelligence, today announced the release of its new Customer Intelligence Cloud, just in time for the TSIA world: Interact conference in Orlando, Florida. The new solution provides Customer Success teams with greater access to the customer intent data from the conversations between people tucked away within their various data silos and is specifically aimed at closing the ‘intent gap’ between a customer’s true opinion of their subscription and the SaaS company’s perception in terms of R/Y/G health.

The value of Customer Success is no longer a secret. According to TSIA, 96% of SaaS businesses are deploying some form of customer success team or strategy for retaining and growing their customer base.

“Customer Success platforms have become indispensable for managing the customers’ relationship with a company’s product,” said Bryan Plaster, co-founder, and CEO of CompleteCSM. “As good as these platforms have become at tracking and managing customer usage and health, they all potentially leave terabytes of valuable customer data on the floor and out of their calculations that could be used to better predict churn or potential expansion.”

Everyone can have their own Customer Intelligence Cloud

Leading Customer Success organizations are deploying data scientists to unlock the meaning behind customer churn, but it’s taking them longer than expected to get ROI. The CompleteCSM Customer Intelligence Cloud collects signals from customer conversations and applies AI/ML to reveal a customer’s intent to expand or renew. The curated results can be delivered both downstream to data platforms like Snowflake or Databricks, and upstream embedded into Customer Success Platforms like Gainsight or Salesforce as embedded applications. Modern customer success teams that manage their operations now have the massive advantage to increase their Net Revenue Retention (NRR) with the following capabilities:

  • API Access: Accessible through Data Science tools like Jupyter notebooks
  • Customer Intent Data: Delivered to data science platforms
  • Intelligent Integrations: Gong, Zoom, Slack
  • Embedded Integrations: Utilizing your existing CRM

Dan Steinman, Chief Evangelist at Gainsight sees CompleteCSM’s Customer Intelligence Cloud as a must-have for all software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies: “Deep sentiment analysis of conversations, far beyond Net Promoter Score (NPS), will be required for modern Customer Success teams to quickly identify wayward customers and course-correct. The consumption economy will largely leave behind the concept of renewals, forcing companies to broaden into a 4D view of customer health and treat it with an even higher degree of urgency.”

Leading SaaS organizations can harness the power of the Customer Intelligence Cloud to know how their customers feel about renewing or expanding their contracts. The Customer Intelligence Cloud aims to accelerate data science teams to faster ROI by providing time series data analytics from all customer conversations, usage, and operational data accessible from an advanced API. Customer Success teams can now broaden and enhance existing Customer Success Platforms such as Gainsight, Salesforce, or Hubspot with insights, seamlessly embedded into the tools teams use daily.

Learn more about the Customer Intelligence Cloud and get started today capturing intent data from your customer conversations!

About CompleteCSM

Dallas-based CompleteCSM makes Customer Success Intelligent by combining conversational AI with intent analytics to help leading businesses turn customer insights into positive outcomes with the next best actions delivered to their CRM or Customer Success Platform. Learn more at


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