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Comparing Popular Online Investment Funds

People looking for services to invest money online often settle for virtual investment funds. While investing is truly important if you want to have enough savings for comfortable living and funding various purchases and travels, it might seem rather difficult to start this process. Online investing funds are the easiest way to get started and also one of the most secure options. While it is impossible to be 100% safe from potential losses when investing, there are convenient plans that help with lowering your risks if necessary.


One of the newest investment solutions in Europe. This alternative investment fund differs from the other platforms in some aspects. Quanloop collects funds from its investors before redistributing them to the borrowing businesses. Leasing companies are the usual borrowers here.


  • The minimum investment is 1 euro. This is a great opportunity for people who only begin investing or want to try out this platform. 
  • The average annual return usually holds around 12%. However, different plans offer their specific average return.


  • Unlike many other investment services, this one does not offer a chance to pick your preferred borrowers.


Peerberry is a P2P website located in Latvia. The Aventus Group founded it and remains one of the key loan originators on the platform. People can become investors here if they have reached 18 years and possess an EU account. Companies are welcome to offer their investments as well.


  • Peerberry account is convenient for all types of investors. It can be created and managed by hand or automated for convenience. 
  • There is a lucrative referral program for both investors and their invited friends. Based on your investment balance, it is possible to earn up to one thousand euros as a reward.


  • Users need to report their taxes without help from this platform.


Estonians can make their money online investment using another convenient platform, such as Crowdestate. This is a peer-to-peer online service created for borrowers and investors. This platform has already financed more than 300 various projects.


  • Companies in real estate and business can ask for loans on this website and find people to finance their projects. 
  • You do not have to be an EU resident to use this site. All investors are accepted. 


  • This is not the most accessible platform to start with as the smallest amount you can invest is 100 euros. This is a big risk for many people.


This investment fund was created in Latvia in 2015. This company has offices not only in Europe but also in Latin America. This is a marketplace for investors and borrowers to find one another. All kinds of loans are available, and each investor can choose the necessary option to diversify their portfolio or earn a great return percentage.


  • 12,3% is the average return people can earn annually by investing through the Mintos platform. 
  • As an investor, you can choose a specific strategy and follow a convenient plan to achieve it. From diversifying your portfolio to aiming for a high return, there are multiple options. 


  • While some investment services help their users with filing taxes, Mintos leaves this responsibility to the investors.


This Estonian P2P site was created in 2008. This is an intermediary service for borrowers to ask for funds and for investors to discover projects. Enterprises and individuals can offer their funds via this service. It is necessary to be from the EEA to work with this website. In addition, accounts can be topped-up via SEPA transfers.


  • One euro is the necessary amount of funds to start investing. Even if you do not have a lot of savings, you can start earning slowly. 
  • Based on the risks you are willing to take and the level of involvement you want to have with your investments, it is possible to pick one of the plans offered by the service.


  • The average yearly return is only 9% for most users. This is a relatively low amount.

When trying to find where to invest money online, do not omit digital investment funds. These services are widely available and cater to all types of investors.

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