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Comparing AMD Stock Performance Against Industry Peers!

AMD, also known as Advanced Micro Devices, is among the most formidable and innovative players in the semiconductor industry. For a long time, AMD has been competing against big giants like Intel and NVIDIA. In this detailed article, we will compare AMD stock performance against its industry peers and analyze the factors that influence these performances, along with the company’s current market evaluation. 

As of 2024, AMD stock has shown remarkable growth, helping the company benefit from various distinct strategic initiatives, a robust product lineup, market share expansion, and various segments, including CPU, GPU, and data centers.

Stock price movement – AMD stock has grown by 20% year-to-date and reached an all-time new high due to its strong quarterly earnings.

Market capitalization – AMD’s market cap has crossed the $50 billion mark, reflecting staggering investor confidence in its growth trajectory

AMD Stock Performance from April 2024 – May 2024

Date Close/Last Volume Open High Low
05/15/2024 $159.67 43195900 $155.588 $159.69 $154.70
05/14/2024 $153.16 31938280 $150.43 $153.4879 $148.78
05/13/2024 $150.56 27859180 $151.28 $153.33 $150.40
05/10/2024 $151.92 37652770 $154.287 $156.37 $151.31
05/09/2024 $152.39 33017960 $153.13 $154.092 $150.61
05/08/2024 $153.62 28727960 $153.40 $155.33 $152.52
05/07/2024 $154.43 37374910 $156.32 $157.70 $153.66
05/06/2024 $155.78 44624550 $153.10 $156.65 $151.26
05/03/2024 $150.60 49361080 $148.75 $150.79 $147.2384
05/02/2024 $146.16 50034730 $145.51 $147.62 $141.155
05/01/2024 $144.27 89413170 $148.11 $151.37 $142.14
04/30/2024 $158.38 60742830 $160.63 $162.29 $158.35
04/29/2024 $160.20 43478220 $159.08 $160.77 $156.26
04/26/2024 $157.40 42510710 $154.24 $158.63 $153.4252
04/25/2024 $153.76 41471420 $149.15 $155.14 $146.75
04/24/2024 $151.74 43412550 $156.56 $157.6598 $150.63
04/23/2024 $152.27 46051910 center65 $153.495 $150.35
04/22/2024 $148.64 49397030 $148.15 $149.89 $145.63
developments $14advancements 200 $151.59 $154.25 $145.29
04/18/2024 $155.08 52669820 $155.51 $156.96 $152.32
04/17/2024 $154.02 75908970 $163.97 $164.45 $153.88
04/16/2024 $163.46 55302100 $162.28 $164.8799 $161.67

Comparison of AMD Stock Against Industry Peers

Now that we have evaluated AMD’s current market position, it is time to put it up on a comparison with its different industry peers.

Intel Corporation (INTC)

In comparison to AMD, Intel has struggled to maintain its growth pace and has witnessed only a modest increase of 5% in its stock price. According to experts, Intel’s performance has been hampered by the company’s product launches as there are no technical innovations and a competitive environment.

On the other hand, Intel has been focused on developing different strategies to boost its market performance. Recently, Intel has been working on the IDM 2.0 strategy, which aims to reclaim the company’s technological leadership while expanding its manufacturing capabilities. I’m taking the process technologies to newer levels.

NVIDIA Corporation (NVIDIA)

In comparison to AMD, NVIDIA has also experienced a skyrocketing boost in its stock price by over 25% year-to-date. Because of the company’s stronghold in the AI and data center markets, they have been able to achieve this remarkable growth. With several key developments and advancements in AI and machine learning, NVIDIA has acquired its position as a global leader in the high-performance computing market. Additionally, the diversification in different software and services has also helped NVIDIA boost its stock performance.

Factors Influencing AMD Stock Performance 

Of course, there are various additional factors that can influence AMD stock performance in the current growth market. In the following sections, we will evaluate these factors one by one and see how they influence AMD stock performance.

Product Innovation & Market Share Gains 

It is no longer a secret that product innovation can directly boost a company’s stock performance. With AMD Zen 4, the latest in the company’s processors, Zen 4 has been received in both consumer and enterprise sectors as they offer superior performance and higher energy efficiency compared to other competitors such as Intel. Similarly, the AMD Radeon RX series has also gained appreciation and is directly challenging NVIDIA’s dominance in the GPU market. AMD’s focus on ray tracing and enhancing graphics, and their latest GPU innovations have worked well for high-growth content creators.

Data Center Growth 

If we look at AMD’s data center growth trajectory, we can see that their EPYC processor indicated a significant adoption increase in the data centers and has significantly contributed to the company’s revenue growth. AMD has also worked strategically to partner up with major cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to solidify their position in the segment.

Strategic Partnerships 

AMD’s strategic partnerships and acquisition of Xilinx have also expanded the company’s portfolio by adapting computing and boosting its AI capabilities and networking. The key development has proven to be a growth catalyst for AMD as it has opened multiple new revenue streams for the company.

Market Position & Future Outlook 

AMD plans to expand its market share, particularly in the data center and high-performance computing markets. As of now, the company’s focus is solely on operations and strategic acquisitions that position it for sustained growth in the future.


When this detailed guide, we concluded how AMD outperformed its industry peers in 2024 in terms of stock performance, boosted by strategic product launches, market share gains, and successful partnerships/acquisitions. While its competitors like Intel are facing execution, challenges,  NVIDIA continues to thrive in high-growth markets. AMD plans on incorporating more strategic initiatives and is striving for a robust financial performance that indicates a promising future and helps make the company a stand-up player in the semiconductor industry.

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