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Companies in the Global Sinus Implants Market Expedite Product Innovations to Stay at Forefront in the Industry: Fact.MR

Increased demand for minimally invasive techniques and a promising reimbursement scenario for sinus procedures, especially in developed regions, is driving the growth of the sinus implants market. Because of the increasing preference of patients for treatments in ENT clinics, cost-effectiveness, and faster recovery time, ENT clinics are expected to drive revenue growth in the sinus implants market.

Because of the growing geriatric population and the increasing adoption of innovative and new technologies by otolaryngologists and ENT surgeons, North America is expected to dominate the sinus implants market. Key players and manufacturers are investing heavily in Intersect ENT Inc. to raise awareness about SINUVA sinus implants. SINUVA sinus implants are a new treatment option for adult patients with nasal polyps. This sinus implant has undergone extensive research and development and has been clinically proven to reduce polyps as well as nasal congestion symptoms.

Market Drivers and Restraints for Sinus Implants

The ability of sinus implants to deliver steroid medication directly to the sinus cavity lining reduces or eliminates the need for additional oral corticosteroid medications. Post-surgery side effects such as discomfort, congestion, and scarring were reduced thanks to the efficient delivery of corticosteroids. The sinus implants also increase the success rate of FESS surgery and lower the chances of having to have more surgery.

The market is expected to grow due to the significant benefits of sinus implants when used in conjunction with FESS surgery. Furthermore, through various certifications and courses, otolaryngologists are becoming more aware of the use of sinus implants after FESS surgery, which is driving the global adoption rate of sinus implants.

Regional Outlook for Sinus Implants

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, the Middle East, and Africa are the regions in which the global sinus implants market is divided. Due to a shift in the trend of hospital-based FESS procedures to physician’s offices, the North America and Europe regions are expected to grow by double digits.

Another factor driving the lucrative growth potential of the sinus implant market is the rising prevalence of chronic sinusitis, which is expected to boost the popularity of the FESS procedure in North America and Europe.

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