Companies in Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Marketing Market Keen on Crafting Customer Experience for Brand Positioning

Pharmaceutical and healthcare industries have aggressively looking to increase their social media presence. The colossal opportunities in the social media marketing has made social media a part of integrated strategies with marketing. Over the past few years, the role of social media pages in connecting with customers, existing and prospective, at different levels has assume vast proportions.

Visibility Through Branded Contents Rising in Social Media Pages

If the growing presence through Corporate pages and Careers pages is to suggest, social medical marketing is also an enabler as well accelerator of these efforts. Pharma and healthcare companies of all sizes have been relentlessly working to add pages at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Adoption of new content marketing strategies to rebuff their branded contents has reinforced their footprint, bolstering opportunity generation in pharma and healthcare social media marketing.

Social media sites notably Facebook have been swamped with contents of varying objectives in mind. A large number of pages pharma companies and healthcare companies are tracking for RoI are contents meant to spread awareness about certain disease, drug, and pharmacological and non- pharmacological interventions. Multiple angles have come to boost engagement, particularly leveraging the art of storytelling. Oftentimes, the social media pages pharma and healthcare companies promote may be about crafting some survivor’s story. All these initiatives are aimed at educating consumers and patients about their brand, building up trust, with eye on tapping into potential revenues.

Video Boasts of Special Appeal

Of the different types, video contents have a special attractive quotient. Companies who want to build a strong viewer base are aggressively evaluating the undercurrent. Over the years, the engagement through Facebook pages have risen, leading to a spate of new avenues. Growth in spending on Facebook marketing has led to colossal potential opportunities. In particular, OTC brands are aggressively looking to strengthen their presence here. The focus of populations on health and wellness went into hyperdrive the wake of Covid-19 in 2020. The trend has continued in 2021.

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Limitless Possibilities of New Consumer Propositions

Despite the incredible possibilities of untapped consumer propositions in the social media marketing, constructing a customer experience that will linger on is not an easy task. There are myriad hurdles such as stringent regulations to the volatile nature of the social media itself. Tellingly, the excitement that social media marketing builds up can easily fizzle out with a single misrepresentation of fact. The marketing spends has also not grown steadily, perhaps. Regulations may play a spoilsport, but is essential in various cases to ensure reliability of clinical results and the tall promises pharma and healthcare companies make based on these results.

Data science is one tool leveraging which these companies want to penetrate consumer minds, their expectations and aspirations. For one, there are subtle aspects that shape the investment pockets in the pharma and healthcare social media marketing market.

Leveraging Social Media Marketing Not a Cakewalk

Social media marketing services are expected to gain traction in coming years, adding growth avenues in the pharma and healthcare social media marketing market. Some of the players with a striking presence on social media pages are Abbott, GSK, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and Sanofi. Numerous heavyweight in the pharma and healthcare industry are still lagging behind. There may be strong reasons for the scepticism.

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Companies are finding it a thing akin to cutting mustard with choosing the right tone and tenor of contents used for social media marketing. Creating a strong engagement doesn’t come easy. Stridently, experience is the only effective tool which will enable pharma and healthcare companies to gauge the effectiveness of their social media marketing approaches. Influencer marketing is one area that is building up buzz, albeit the pace is somewhat slow. It is also difficult to cement a positive engagement with customers and patient populations. This is particularly found to be true for Instagram, where the commitment is still slow to pick up pace. Not many pharma companies can boast of a formidable presence in multiple social media sites. Thus, there is a still a lot of untapped opportunity for social media marketing agencies.

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