Community Driven NFT & Manga Startup, ADA Ninjaz, Set to Launch Season 2 on 4th February 2022

Community Driven NFT & Manga Startup

One of the most successful NFT projects on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain is ADA Ninjaz. Their NFTs are very much demanded, among other things due to its engagement with the community, which helps to drive their original manga series. The second season of its ongoing story is set to launch in the first week of next month.

The Atsuko Clan

After the successful run of its 1st season, containing the story of the current conflict between different ninja clans, ADA Ninjaz is heading towards the reveal of the second season, containing the story as told from the Atsuko clan’s side.

But their manga is much more than just a rich story. There are different ninja characters and each one is represented as an NFT. For the Atsuko clan, this means there are a total of 8,888 unique tokens that will be put up for sale, open to anyone qualifying to buy and add these to their collection. It’s not only about just owning a unique token. The NFTs provide different benefits to the owners. This includes other NFT airdrops, access to premier content such as music, games, voting rights and other related materials.

Another unique feature of ADA Ninjaz NFTs is the ability to propose and vote on the different aspects of future seasons. Giving power back to the people, ADA Ninjaz will allow the public to decide the storyline. This unique feature is what has driven the manga series to its popularity.

The manga is brought to the public by the famous artist V, who has crafted the design and other elements of art. This time, V makes changes to offer a very different style of manga.

The Ninja War

The ADA Ninjaz story takes place in the far east, in the fictional land of Ninava. In the past, different clans were very tight-lipped, but were at peace with each other, having diplomatic relations. Unfortunately, the trust has broken down and they are now at war with each other.

The warring factions have been fighting for so long, no one even remembers who drew first blood. There are rumors of the Atsuko striking first, dealing a blow to the Asahi faction. Others say that the Aramar started a land wid cleansing of all other clans. All the land of Ninava knows today is the blood spilled by the edge of the Katanas, the preferred sword of the ninjas.

The ADA Ninjaz war has already been explored with season one of the manga. The first set was very keenly received by the public, with the complete NFT collection being sold out in less than half an hour when released last October. Now that the fans have had a taste of what the story and NFTs are like, it is expected that the season two sales will be quicker than the last time.

About ADA Ninjaz

A vibrant community-based NFT ecosystem, ADA Ninjaz is one of the hottest NFT projects on the Cardano blockchain. The power comes from engaging the community to not only drive the storyline but the complete atmosphere, including the music composition, lyrics and other aspects.

To take part in the season two of the manga, interested people will need to buy an Aramar NFT from the first season, which are now publicly traded on different NFT marketplaces. Other additions in 2022 include a dedicated series exploring the origin of the Atsuko clan and a clothing product line for the spring season.

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