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Community Blockchain Project DAO1 Prepares for ILO on YFDAI Launchpad

YFDAI Launchpad

May 11, 2021, Singapore:  DAO1, the one-of-a-kind community-driven blockchain project created to offer socio economic benefits to the crypto community and beyond, has officially announced its acceptance to the YFDAI Launchpad program. As a part of the coveted program, DAO1 will be launching its native ERC20 utility and governance token through an Initial Launchpad Offering (ILO) on the YFDAI platform. 

YFDAI Finance is a community centric, innovative DeFi project that aims to build a bridge between traditional and decentralized finance. The YFDAI Launchpad is an initiative by YFDAI Finance to promote up and coming legitimate crypto and blockchain projects by helping them create a solid token infrastructure. In addition, the program also assists participating projects with token pre-sale and listing on Uniswap as well as its own SafeSwap platform

DAO1 is a decentralized socio-economic platform with innovative financial products for the community. Based on the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governance model, the platform promotes financial inclusiveness by enabling accessibility to innovative financial products and services. Few such products and services offered by DAO1 include a Decentralized Fund (DeF) with hybrid advisory and Crypto Startup & Venture fund. 

DAO1 promotes innovation in the blockchain sector by providing the necessary platform and resources to those with innovative ideas. To identify and shape the fintech leaders of tomorrow, DAO1 has tailored hackathon and incubation programs into its offering. The effectiveness of these programs is augmented by the involvement of its own Crypto Startup and Venture Fund which not only supports promising projects but also offers an opportunity for individuals to invest in some of the hottest projects the crypto sector will ever witness. 

DAO1 also offers its users with conventional DeFi solutions like staking and yield farming as modes of earning passive income. 

As a part of the selection process, the DAO1 project was evaluated over multiple criteria by a team of experts. All crucial aspects of the project including team, business model, smart contract audits, tokenomics, etc.were found to be in order. Only after the project passed with flying colors, the YFDAI team accepted DAO1’s entry to their Launchpad program. By becoming part of the YFDAI program, DAO1 has established its credibility as a project that is going to change the prevailing crypto industry landscape. 

“The DAO1 team is elated to be part of the YFDAI Launchpad. We couldn’t have asked for any better team than the great guys at YFDAI and their dynamic community to give as a good start. YFDAI is known for picking projects with huge potential and helping them get off the mark to become successful. We will be working closely with them to ensure DAO1 is a success and along the way, we help many turn their vision into a reality,” said Chief Strategist at DAO1, Leo Georgievic.

DAO11 will shortly announce the whitelisting process for DAO1 ILO on YFDAI Launchpad along with the timeline for token listing on Uniswap. 

 About YFDAI Finance

YFDAI is an entire permissionless DeFi ecosystem that combines Staking and Farming services and soon, Lending/Borrowing services, SafePredict, and Insurance together with their own DEX called SafeSwap and their own Launchpad where legitimate projects in the DeFi space can launch their new vetted projects with contract audits, locked liquidity and locked development tokens in time release smart contracts.

 About DAO1

 DAO1 is an all-inclusive community-led socio economic blockchain architecture with tools like Decentralized Fund (DeF), Hybrid Advisory, Startup Funds, Incubator platform, and NFT Charity initiative that empower the community to pursue financial sovereignty under excellent governance from day-one.

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