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Communication & Comprehension Vs. AI Automated Messaging: Insights from Business and Marketing Coach, Daniel Francis.

With AI capabilities on a significant rise, it’s no surprise that business owners are leveraging the power of AI to automate and streamline many areas of their business; including the interaction of direct messaging with potential leads. With this idea that business owners can focus on high-value tasks, more and more entrepreneurs are making use of this technology. But what happens when leads are quick to recognize an AI-generated messaging sequence and completely shut down? 

Is money being left on the table simply because, as a society, we want to do less of the groundwork? Daniel Francis; a renowned Coach and founder of “Master Your Coaching,” shares insights on how fewer business owners are prioritizing the unique qualities and advantages that human communication and comprehension have, and how this really impacts your ability to convert leads into paying clients. 

Money, Money, Money

Having partaken in numerous coaching programs himself, combined with the countless individuals of all levels that he has personally guided and mentored, Daniel recognizes there is a distinct and growing hunger amongst coaching entrepreneurs to ‘get rich quick’ within the online industry. “You have to play the long game,” Daniel says, “if you want to make money and have the financial and time freedom that you want.” He continues, “If your main aim is to get calls on the calendar and force closed sales, you’re doing it wrong. Give, give, give, and eventually you will get it back.” 

Daniel has created a thriving online community by leveraging the power of Facebook Groups to do just that – give as much free value and guidance as possible and build relationships with each of his community members. 

He practices what he preaches as he explains, “I teach people how to have genuine conversations to coach and guide their leads over the DMs. Doing this puts you as a trusted figure of authority and credibility, which makes it easier to convert leads.” So the question is, can you really give value and guidance over direct messaging when you have an automated messaging sequence that fails to build a relationship and rapport with your leads in the same way a human can? 

The Power Of Human Interaction

Advertising and marketing are what bring people to your community, content is what keeps them there, and interaction is what converts leads into paying clients. But what separates AI-generated conversation flows from human interaction? He believes the following five elements are key to creating that human experience that keeps your leads engaged and keen to learn more about your services:

  • Humor: Daniel says “Have some fun with it!” Bring out your personality and create a more enjoyable and engaging interaction.
  • Comprehension: It’s often said that comprehension is more important than communication itself. If the audience can’t comprehend what message is being conveyed to them, it not only impacts the audience’s ability to learn but will quickly lose their interest. Daniel says, “A lead has to truly understand what problem you can solve in their life for them to be invested in what you have to offer.”
  • Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: All of us humans are complex beings with complex emotions. Human interaction and emotional intelligence allow us to detect situations that require sensitivity and understanding that go beyond AI capabilities. 
  • Building trust and relationships: Share personal experiences, share your story and your client’s stories, and make things more relatable to your audience. According to Daniel, “One of the most powerful deciding factors for leads considering your service is whether they can see someone like themselves in the same situation achieving what they want to achieve.” He continues, “They want to see that it’s possible for them too.”
  • Adaptivity: Humans are highly adaptable and have the ability to adjust their communication style based on the needs of the conversation. Daniel says “This could be the difference between getting a lead on a call or losing them completely.”

Does AI Have Its Place In The Market?

Of course, there is no denying that AI plays a pivotal role within the modern online business world. With capabilities to enhance efficiency, customer experience, and decision-making, it certainly can give businesses a competitive edge if it is strategically integrated into their operations. However, the human touch is undeniably superior when it comes to understanding individuals’ needs, uncovering their fears and their limiting self-beliefs. By mastering the art of communication and intentional conversational flow, coaches can place themselves in a position of authority and build relationships that ultimately convert leads into paying clients to help them build and grow a sustainable and thriving online coaching business.

“People Don’t Remember What You Said, They Remember How You Made Them Feel”

Finally, building a reputation and a sense of authority within your field of expertise requires you to be relatable and connect with your audience in a way that captures and engages them. Daniel Francis and the Master Your Coaching team have been able to develop a reputation amongst its community as being high-energy, informative, and straight-talking. The ‘Master Your Coaching Business’ Facebook group provides a supportive environment and a sense of belonging for its group members where they can interact with one another, learn and grow. Daniel emphasizes, “It really is true, people don’t remember what you said, they remember how you made them feel, and that’s exactly why I’m so protective over what we have built here. It’s also why we have so many people joining our family to better their lives and grow a successful coaching business.”

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