Commercial Solar Install: Tips to Take Into Account When Hiring A Company

Commercial Solar Install

When contracting a commercial solar installservice company, you must consider different issues, from the components to choose to the installation company you hire.

The commercial solar install boom is a fact, something that should not surprise you if we consider issues such as advances in regulations and the tax benefits derived from installing solar panels, among other topics.

But if demand has multiplied, so has the supply of this type of facility. Hence the question: what should I consider when contracting a commercial solar installationSo, let’s talk to you about the issues to consider when acquiring a commercial solar installation service.

Don’t just look at the price of the components

We know it isn’t easy. We habitually look at the price before the benefits of the product we buy. But let’s consider that we are talking about a long-term investment, installations that must last at least 25 years. It is essential to open your eyes and pay attention to a series of elements that will help you choose the component that best suits you.

Choose a versatile team.

When choosing the components of your commercial solar installationyou must think about your current energy needs and others you may have in the future. For example, installing lithium batteries with your consumption is profitable today. Still, if your initial budget is insufficient, you may have that possibility in the future and decide to maximize your self-consumption by installing a storage system.

You may also be interested in switching to electric mobility in the future and want to install an electric vehicle charger that you are now connected to the network. But when regulations allow it, you are interested in isolating yourself from the public network, or you want an emergency or backup system that will enable you to have backup power when the network goes down.

Talk to professionals in the sector to hire your commercial solar installation.

Pre-designed solar kits can be a good option when discussing isolated or minimal installations made by small commercial solar installers who need companies behind them to provide them with the materials and support. However, with how technology has evolved in recent years and the possibilities for using solar energy today, pre-designed kits can be quite limited when adjusting to your electrical needs. This is because they do not always take into account specific factors of each installation, such as the space you have available, and the existence of shadows, among other elements, and because pre-designed kits may not be able to respond to future energy needs, as we mentioned previously. That is why we recommend that you only trust companies that install the same pre-designed kit for some of their clients.

Therefore, to help you throughout the entire process, we recommend having the advice of professionals in the commercial solar installsector.

Solar tech is evolving rapidly. And the installation companies can keep you updated on all these new developments and advise you on the equipment that may best suit you. They can also help you know in advance the estimate of your savings and the payback period of the installation based on your consumption, hours of light in your location, and another series of parameters that must be considered to designa commercial solar installation.

Make sure you have after-sales service.

Suppose you want to have the peace of mind of having a response to possible unforeseen events after the commercial solar install. In that case, ensuring the installation company you choose has an after-sales service is vital. We are discussing having a benefit when you have questions or your installation requires some intervention. And if we say this, it is because many companies only sell you the equipment but do not offer that after-sales service.

At the same time, what happens if you have a problem with the commercial solar installation? Do you call the company you contracted with or the one that did the installation?

You already know what issues you should consider in commercial solar installwhen hiring a solar installation. If you are considering one, contact us. We accompany you throughout the entire process, from the preliminary study, design, and installation until the processing of the subsidy and legalization. Ask us for a quote without any commitment. We will be happy to assist you.

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