Coming Soon: Username3 – A Web3 Decentralised Social Media Link Tree Platform

Username3, a new innovative Web3 platform will launch on the 16th of October 2022. It will provide a solution to a common social media problem and give users 100% ownership of an NFT on a web3 decentralized platform.

Individuals and businesses have shared a common complaint about social media platforms including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. That is the ‘1-link’ only limitation that is permitted within profiles. Most would prefer to have the ability to place links to multiple social media profiles rather than just one. This limits the exposure and brand awareness that users and businesses can gain when using social media. 

To solve this problematic issue Username3 NFT is following in the footsteps of popular platforms such as AllmyLinks and Linktree by providing a beneficial solution. On the aforementioned platforms, and on Username3, users can create a landing page that contains a bio and links to all other social media profiles a person might operate. Placing the link to these landing pages in their social media profiles allows visitors one click to access all other profiles. 

Why Username3 Over the Others?

With solutions already offered by AllmyLinks and Linktree, why should you choose Username3? The main reason is that the Username3 platform carries additional benefits. Its main purpose is to solve the ‘1-link’ limitation issue mentioned above. However, you get access to many other perks, benefits, and rewards.

Below are the differences and benefits you can expect from the Username3 platform:

  • Username3 is a Web3 platform built on the Solana blockchain.
  • Your minted username and profile become an NFT that you own 100%.
  • Any clicks on your profile that result in new Username3 registrations earn you commission via Solana coins.
  • Furthermore, a 10-level referral program ensures that profiles that push the platform the most will receive larger commissions.
  • As you own your NFT profile, you can sell it at any time via just a few quick clicks.
  • (Coming Soon) You can integrate your Google Analytics & Pixels accounts to track the success of your profile.

Ultimately, Username3 gives you more control over your platform (you own it!) and you can profit from the exposure your profile attracts. The platform shares 50% of all primary sales with the community which has helped to attract them. If your platform brings more new users than others, you will climb the 10 tiers of the referral program and earn a larger percentage as you do.

The Benefits of Becoming an Early Adopter at Username3

Aside from reaping the benefits of creating a Web3 social media link tree before most others, early adopters can take advantage of additional benefits. For one, you can mint your preferred usernames before someone else snaps it up. 

You can find steps to create an NFT profile and download a Solana Wallet here

*Note: Currently, Username3 is not letting users mint usernames containing 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 characters. That is to stop early adopters from buying up shorter usernames in bulk that often end up becoming more valuable. Instead, the platform will auction those usernames once it has grown to a suitable level. 

Furthermore, the first 25,000 minted usernames become known as OG on the platform. That carries benefits including access to beta premium features, other perks, and an increased slice of referrals. Plus, you get a head start on the 10-tier referral program. Remember, the more referrals you get, the higher the tier you obtain. That means larger payments each time your account attracts a person to sign up at Username3. 

While Username3 is not fully live until the 16th of October, you can still go and mint your usernames. You will need to load a Solana wallet (the Phantom Wallet is an ideal option) with some coins to pay for your U3 profile. Then, with a new profile under your ownership, you can customize your bio, profile pic, and video while also adding all your social media links.

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