Combining Clinical Expertise and Adventure Therapy for Long-Lasting Change

blueFire Wilderness is an outdoor therapy program designed for youth aged 11-28. This program uniquely combines clinical expertise, wilderness, and adventure therapy to create lasting change in the lives of its participants.

What Makes blueFire Wilderness Unique?

blueFire Wilderness stands out due to its highly trained staff and a cutting-edge approach that is based on extensive research and experience. The program is comprehensive, integrating clinical expertise, adventure experiences, academic assessments, and a family systems approach to ensure holistic development. For more insights, you can check bluefire wilderness therapy reviews.

The program at blueFire Wilderness includes several key components:

  • Clinical Expertise: The program is grounded in clinical practices to address various mental health issues.
  • Adventure Experiences: Participants engage in activities like rock climbing, canoeing, and horseback riding, which promote personal growth and healthy living.
  • Academic Assessments: These assessments help in understanding and supporting the academic needs of the participants.
  • Family Systems Approach: This approach involves the entire family in the therapeutic process to strengthen relationships and ensure long-term success.

More Therapy Time with Clients

One of the unique aspects of blueFire Wilderness is the amount of therapy time clients receive. Therapists are in the field with clients at least four days per week, providing individual therapy sessions twice a week and group therapy sessions four times a week. This frequent interaction helps build trust and ensures consistent support.

Adventure Therapy for Personal Growth

Adventure therapy at blueFire Wilderness allows participants to explore personal growth through a variety of new experiences. The challenge-by-choice environment encourages teens to step outside their comfort zones, fostering resilience and self-confidence. Activities like rock climbing, canoeing, and horseback riding teach the value of engaging in healthy and adventurous activities.

Family-Centered Approach

blueFire Wilderness involves parents in a Family Systems Process to help reconnect the entire family. This process includes regular communication through letters, phone calls, and video calls, as well as a multi-day family workshop. This approach helps parents and children strengthen their relationships and stay connected throughout the therapeutic journey. This inclusive approach helps to rebuild trust and communication within the family unit

Equine Therapy for Healthy Relationships

Weekly equine therapy sessions at blueFire Wilderness help participants develop healthy relationships and improve communication skills. Interacting with horses provides unique opportunities for personal growth, as it requires participants to apply skills such as trust, patience, and empathy. Equine therapy is a powerful and effective therapeutic approach that addresses a variety of mental health and human development needs.


blueFire Wilderness combines the best of clinical work, family therapy, adventure activities, and equine therapy to help teens and young adults make lasting changes and find their true selves. The program provides a supportive opportunity for families to reconnect and navigate life’s journey in a positive direction. By integrating these diverse therapeutic approaches, blueFire Wilderness ensures a comprehensive and effective treatment experience for its participants. blueFire Wilderness Therapy’s latest session marks another chapter of inspiring success stories and life-changing transformations. The program remains committed to helping at-risk youth overcome their challenges and build a foundation for a brighter future.



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