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Collectible Hits The NFT Marketplace With Enthusiasm

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are non-hackable, non-interchangeable, and unique digital tokens enabled by blockchain technology. Since the evolution of blockchain technology, there have been several attempts by developers to bring NFTs to the crypto community, especially in niches like collectibles, entertainment and art.

At the center of these attempts is Collectible.Global, a blockchain-powered project designed and developed to create digital twins of your luxury items for you to claim or transfer ownership either by NFT or by monetary exchange. Collectible.Global is the exclusive platform for unique tokenized items like watches, jewelry, and luxury bags.

After achieving success with the completion of their seed investment round, the team at Collectible is proud to announce the introduction of its token to the crypto and financial community. Collectible is a blockchain-powered project designed to create digital certification around ownership instead of a written or printed note you get when buying luxury goods. Collectible is also building a digital version of true ownership slips for luxury goods.

The team is also pleased to inform the crypto community that its COLLT token will launch on PancakeSwap on Monday May 17th, 2021. In the coming weeks, the team also intends to list the token on several big exchanges on the market.

The COLLT Token

Collectible has a utility token, with the symbol COLLT, which is designed to improve the network’s experience and give users the opportunity to own and earn from tokens. The token gives you access to exclusive auctions and sales, increased royalties on sold NFTs, discount on platform commission, and bidding on sales and auctions.

The token can be used to purchase goods and services on the Collectible network. What’s more? It can also be used to pay for transaction fees as long as you are on the Collectible protocol. You can buy and hold COLLT through major wallets like Trustwallet and Metamask.

Token sale

Collectible token presale is completed and listings to commence in a few days. The token presale was filled in 2 days on DxSale. Below are the tokenomics of the project:

  • Total tokens: 650 BNB Hard Cap
  • Token Symbol: COLLT
  • Total Token Supply: 12M
  • Presale Price: 1 BNB = 125 COLLT
  • LP Price: 1 BNB = 100 COLLT

About Collectible

Collectible is a blockchain-powered auction house for precious physical items and their digital NFT. Collectible partners with big luxury brands to build innovative technology around Non-fungible tokens. These tokens are proof that users can own a product. Collectible creates digital twins of your luxury items for you to claim or transfer ownership either by NFT or by monetary exchange.

The team behind Collectible started working on the project in 2020. The team members have more than 15 year’s experience in the Fintech space. The team is also experienced and competent in art, finance, marketing and licensing, development, and blockchain technology.

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