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Collaborator: Ultimate Platform for Site Promotion, PR & Earning Money Online

Collaborator Content Marketplace

Collaborator has been a reliable partner for SEO experts and PR marketers for many years already. This platform not only saves time and effort for advertisers and link builders but also assists in gaining new content and monetizing blogs, websites, and Telegram channels.

Searching for the right platform to publish a guest post is not an easy task. This process is time-consuming, let alone how much creativity as well as time and effort you need to find the contact information of the owners of a website and agree upon publication. Besides, in most cases, the process of publishing a guest post can often take weeks and even months. Special guest posting services like Collaborator help to make it much faster, easier, and more convenient. 

How to Work With a Platform

All functionality of a platform is available upon registration and “creating your project”: you enter the information of your website or Telegram channel and confirm that you are its owner. You can register as either an advertiser or a publisher. Keep in mind that the system supports hryvnia, dollar, and euro currencies. 

For Advertisers

“While providing website promotion services and promoting my own projects, I have always noticed that SEO specialists do not make the best choice of platforms for publishing guest posts. – says Igor Rudnyk, the head of Collaborator.- We wanted to change this so that SEO specialists could choose better websites and get higher ROI.”

Collaborator gathers trusted guest posting sites and Telegram channels, each of which undergoes professional moderation, in its catalog. This platform focuses on providing a good user experience. 

Main Features for Those Who Advertise on Websites

  • As Collaborator has an official integration with Ahrefs and Serpstat, users can see SEO metrics provided by these services along with many other technical specifications and the prices of the publication for each platform. There are also reviews from users who have already had deals with it. 
  • Some websites also offer writing content services for publication, accept not only guest posts but also press releases, and can post an announcement of your publication on the main page for free or an additional fee. All that information is displayed right in the catalog, which helps users to make an informed choice. 
  • Users can also filter websites to their specific needs by over 40 parameters, including category, country, site type, language, link type (nofollow, dofollow, and sponsored), and so on. 
  • Another helpful feature is that users can leave notes about their cooperation with a platform, which helps to quickly recall all the information about the site without having to analyze it again.
  • Create advertising campaigns. Users create a campaign and receive submissions from relevant platforms. They can accept or reject each individual submission.  
  • Advertisers can directly communicate with publishers to clarify all details about their orders on the platform. 
  • The deal is completed within 24 hours in most cases.
  • Last but certainly not least, Collaborator is the guarantor of your deal. The service offers free three-month insurance. So in case your publication is nonindexed or deleted, you will receive a refund. Extended insurance lasts for a year and can be further prolonged.
The interface of Collaborator’s site catalog

The interface of Collaborator’s site catalog

Main Features for Those Who Advertise With Influencers

  • A wide range of trusted Telegram channels with a real audience. 
  • Users can see detailed analytics (the number of followers, post coverage, involvement, subscriber cost, etc.) right in the catalog.
  • Channels can be filtered by theme, price, country, number of followers, and other parameters. 
  • In the “My Projects” section, users see all the information about your deals.
Collaborator Digital Marketing Marketplace

Collaborator’s catalog of Telegram Channels

For Agencies

Collaborator offers a Master Account that allows agencies and teams of SEO specialists to work in conjunction with each other to gain effective results much faster. Each employee has their own account and access level, which is set by a Master Account. Overall, a Master Account makes managing balances, projects, and deals easy. To create it, you should fulfill the following request form:

Collaborator Content Marketing Platform

A request form for creating a Master Account

For publishers

Both the owners of websites and Telegram Channels can monetize their platforms with Collaborator. They should just pass through a simple registration process, add their website or a channel to Collaborator’s catalog, and confirm their ownership, as we have mentioned above. After passing moderation successfully, they receive orders from trusted advertisers from all over the world, publish a guest post/press release or post on their platform, and receive payment on their balances.

The owners of websites can also participate in promotion campaigns. All relevant advertising campaigns are showcased in the “Campaign Catalog” section. They can send a request and get an order if an advertiser accepts it.

Collaborator offers many methods for withdrawing money and low fees.

Affiliate Program

Any registered user can become an affiliate. They can obtain an affiliate link, promote it by publishing posts on social media, sharing it on forums, and so on, and get lifetime earnings from referrals. Collaborator offers 25 percent commission from each referral user’s received commission with no minimum payout amount limitation. 

Free SEO Tools

Aside from being a place where advertisers connect with publishers, Collaborator is also a source for a number of free SEO tools, including an SEO checklist, domain checker, Google snippet generator, and others. 

“For users, these tools are absolutely free of charge and help in completing everyday routine tasks,” said Igor Rudnyk, the head of a company.

Collaborator Content Marketing Marketplace

Collaborator’s SEO tools

For instance, the SEO checklist helps ensure that you don’t miss anything while performing a website audit. 

Collaborator SEO Content Marketplace

Collaborator’s SEO Checklist

In conclusion, it can be said that Collaborator can come in handy for marketers who strive to improve brand awareness and attract new customers, link builders who are on the hunt for high rankings in the SERPs, and those who want to earn online. The platform has been in the industry for over five years and keeps growing. Its team continually adds new websites and channels to the catalog, improves the interface for a better user experience, and updates the system’s functionality for an easier and more convenient workflow.

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