Collaborative Economy Platform Winnest Announces Initial Coin Offering Dates

Democratic online sales ecosystem Winnest aims to disrupt the ecommerce industry, creating a global marketplace driven by a social economy.

Blockchain-based collaborative economy market Winnest has announced the dates for an upcoming initial coin offering that will drive the development of the next generation of ecommerce. The Winnest project aims to eliminate the middleman from the ecommerce industry, creating a social marketplace that increases participant buying power and rewards users with a collectivized earning system.

The Winnest platform is driven by the WNC token, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency designed to allow users to transact with one another without third-party fees. The Winnest project isn’t limited to a simple blockchain-based ecommerce platform, however. In addition to establishing a social marketplace where goods, services, and rentals can be offered and purchased with WNC, Winnest offers a comprehensive toolbox that provides consumers with “cashback” operations and users remuneration.

Winnest allows platform participants to promote products and services from the Winnest catalogue, providing merchants with increased visibility via a gamified structure that rewards users for their contribution to the Winnest community. Each WNC purchase on the Winnest platform generates an equivalent amount of TWNC Loyalty Winnest Tokens that are distributed to buyers, sellers, and promoters, establishing a collaborative remuneration model. Users of Winnest are able to take advantage of the platform’s synergies, thereby improving their buying power, network of followers, image, influence, and activity based on their participation.

TWNC tokens generated by the purchase and sale of products and services or by community-driven promotion can be used by platform participants to promote products, sponsor other products in order to benefit from network effects, or can even be converted directly to WNC tokens.

The Winnest ecosystem rewards participants via a hierarchical system of ranks that allow users to rapidly increase income based on network influence, incentivizing promoters to communicate the goods and services offered by Winnest merchants to buyers through sponsored news feed space, social media recommendations, and banner advertising.

The Winnest project is driven by CEO and Physicist Engineer Thomas Kautzsch, who is supported by an international team of ecommerce, fintech, and blockchain professionals. The Winnest token sale will generate 5,000,000,000 WNC, with 20% reserved for a four-week WNC pre-sale that will offer 40% bonuses for the first two weeks and then 30% for the subsequent two weeks.

The Winnest ICO pre-sale will launch at 6PM October 15, concluding at 6PM CET November 11. The Winnest ICO will launch at 6PM November 15, and conclude at 6PM January 10, 2019.

Winnest White Paper

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Winnest ICO Dates

ICO Start Date & Hour:

15/11/2018 – 6pm CET

ICO End Date & Hour:

10/01/2019 – 6pm CET

Pre-ICO Start Date & Hour:

15/10/2018 –  6pm CET

Pre-ICO End Date & Hour:

12/11/2018 –  6pm CET

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