CoinxPad: The New Multichain Cex and Dex Launchpad

The crypto world is growing at a fast rate, with new projects launching every other day. Yet, most of the latest projects lack the proper space for growth and success. Generally, since the projects are new, they have no community backing. Thus, they first need to garner community support using technologies called launchpads.

Launchpads are systems created to provide new projects with space to gain community support through token sales. Today, there are dozens of crypto launchpads, each providing services in different chains. A new project, Coinxpad, launches to provide launchpad services in all smart chains.

What is Coinxpad?

Coinxpad is a Defi project introducing a launchpad Dapp for CEX and DEX project launches. This launchpad targets all smart chains in the crypto ecosystem. Using Coinxpad, investors can buy crypto tokens before their exchange listings at lower prices. Similarly, by providing a launchpad, Coinxpad will help market and promote Defi projects. 

There are many projects already providing the IDO launchpad services today. Thus, Coinxpad aims to be different by offering different features. Among the top features is the token, launchpad Dapp, and reward Dapp. 

Coinxpad: $CXPAD Token and Tokenomics

The Coinxpad network has a native token, $CXPAD, whose primary purpose is powering the network. This BEP-20 token leverages the Binance smart chain as its primary hub. The $CXPAD token will help in payment for services and also staking(holding).

The total number of $CXPAD tokens created is 100 billion tokens. Coinxpad distributes the tokens as follows; 

  • 50 billion in the upcoming presale
  • 22.095 billion for liquidity purposes
  • 13 billion for burning
  • 5 billion to development purposes
  • 5 billion for research and innovation
  • 2 billion for partnerships
  • 2 billion for airdrops
  • 900 million users in Unicrypt fees

The burnt amount will help bolster the value of the token by increasing scarcity. 

Coinxpad: The Launchpad Dapp

Coinxpad has several features that will help in offering services to users. In fact, some of the features are connected to earning passive income. The top features include;

CEX and DEX Launchpad

Coinxpad has a launchpad platform where new and upcoming projects list their tokens. Generally, this launchpad is not limited to any blockchain. Thus, platforms and Defi’s launching on any blockchain are available.

Smart Investing

All IDOs in Coinxpad will happen in two rounds. Coinxpad also sets the largest amounts for each wallet participating in all its IDOs. This smart offering system opens the way for more investors to take part in IDOs. 

Safer Investing

Coinxpad aims to ensure the safety of investors. Each listed project undergoes auditing and vetting. The vets and audits will help assure investors that these upcoming projects are good. Furthermore, Coinxpad was audited by Solidproof, where it also underwent a KYC scan.

Coinxpad: The Rewards Dapp

The rewards Dapp is another tool provided by the Coinxpad network. In the Dapp, investors can earn income just for holding some of the native $CXPAD tokens. Among the features of the rewarding Dapp include; 

  • 5% Redistribution. In every $CXPAD transaction, Coinxpad redistributes 5% to the token holders in USDT.
  • 3% for liquidity pools. In every transaction, 3% goes to a pool. This pool will help strengthen the liquidity of $CXPAD on Pancakeswap. 
  • 2% for marketing. Coinxpad aims to reach all the smart chains. Thus, 2% of the transaction value will go to marketing the launchpad across chains. 
  • Rewards in USDT. The Coinxpad network rewards its users in USDT. They credit the USDT to holders’ wallets after every one hour (60 minutes).

Coinxpad: The BSC Technology

Coinxpad preferred the BSC over Ethereum because the prior has more efficiency. Ethereum faces criticism because of its high gases and low-speed transactions. In some instances, a transaction could take days to complete. 

Coinxpad’s goal is to remain scalable and reach more projects in the long term. While offering scalability, the network aims to provide favourable gases. 

Accordingly, Coinxpad does not limit its services to the BSC only. This platform provides launchpad services on Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, BSC, HECO, etc. 

How Coinxpad Vets Projects

As mentioned earlier, Coinxpad will vet every project listed on its launchpad. They use the acronym EDM to symbolize the stages of their vets. Here are the steps; 

  • The first stage is ‘Expertise review(E).’ It involves looking into the team behind the project. Primarily, the expert review assures investors that the team is trustworthy. 
  • The second stage, D, looks into the ‘Development’ plans of the projects. This stage involves understanding the roadmap and timeline. 
  • The final stage involves looking at the project’s ‘marketing plan’ (M). Understanding the marketing plan will help forecast the project’s growth.

A project will only qualify for a listing in Coinxpad if it meets the three requirements. There is no registration of a failed project.

The Upcoming Presale and The Future

The presale of $CXPAD tokens will be occurring on 25th September. This presale will be happening on the Unicrypt launchpad. Immediately after the hard cap reaches or the ILO ends, Coinxpad will list $CXPAD in Pancakeswap with a price higher 25% than the Presale price. Investors should purchase the tokens during the presale. All presale investors will participate in the first Coinxpad IDO with a special allocation. 

Furthermore, Coinxpad will be hosting an airdrop and bounty program very soon. Holders of the token in wallets will be beneficiaries of those programs. Apart from that, there is a lot in store for the future. Coinxpad will launch the DEX and CEX launchpads soon. Later next year, Coinxpad will launch a DEX NFT launchpad platform. 

This platform will update investors on its progress using social media pages. 


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