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CoinsCord Launching New Auto Trading Software, partner with Kucoin Exchange

The advent of technology and cryptocurrency opened a great door of opportunities for business-minded individuals and organizations. Sadly, these opportunities were available for heavyweight individuals, corporate organizations, and A-list financial institutions and banks with the financial power to invest heavily in the cryptocurrency market.

The market needed a paradigm shift and industry-wide revolution that will shake the industry and open the crypto market wide for potential investors, their financial status notwithstanding. CoinsCord was established to champion the course and remove the barrier to open trading for all and sundry.

CoinsCord doubles as a signal provider and an innovative cryptocurrency exchange with a mission: provide all classes of traders a platform to trade digital currencies. They can also earn from trading cryptocurrency and have access to tested and proven cryptocurrency signals that guarantee positive results on the exchange too.

CoinsCord supports an impressive number of digital currencies. Traders on the exchange can trade foremost digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and over 50 altcoins. Aside from serving as a trading exchange, CoinsCord offers a secure wallet for investors who desire to keep their assets with the exchange.

Partnership with KuCoin

The exchange has taken a step further towards taking its services to a new height. It recently launched a new auto trading software to ease the trading process. The trading bot will come in handy for investors with a full-time and have little or no time to monitor their trade. Such investors can trade automatically with the software. With a minimal contribution, you can set the software and give it absolute permission to trade and sell digital assets on your behalf while attending to your regular jobs.

For a wide coverage and access to more trading resources, CoinsCord partnered with Kucoin exchange, another heavyweight in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. The partnership allows CoinsCord users to trade some other coins that are not supported by CoinsCord but supported by Kucoin. Thus, the partnership is in traders’ interest. It proves the exchange’s dedication to seeing its users succeed in the cryptocurrency trading industry.

We take our users’ security and privacy seriously. Thus, we operate in total compliance with industry standards and regulations to guarantee their privacy and security. With our cutting-edge technology, user’s personal and business data are protected from hackers and other unauthorized information thieves.

Users can trade on their personal computers or mobile devices such as iPad, mobile devices, and others on our platform. Our mobile compatibility allows our users to trade any currency of their choice wherever they are – on vacation, in transit, while picnicking, and elsewhere. Visit the appropriate app to download our app and start trading. The app is available on Apple Store and PlayStore for iPhone and Android phone users, respectively.

We also arm our users with tested and proven trading signals to increase their success chances in the trading cryptocurrency trading business. That’s aside from the ease of trade that enables them to trade with convenience and safety.

Our goal is to put our customers first. We are also committed to putting our efforts into enabling traders of all levels to unleash their true potential.

About CoinsCord Company

CoinsCord is one of the best crypto signal providers and a crypto trading platform offering crypto trading services to different categories of investors and traders. Since inception in 2015, CoinsCord has been at the forefront of providing a trading system for crypto investors and traders to maximize the financial market. Its crypto signal service is top-notch; aside from the fact that the signals are accurate, you can rely on the signals to make a profit.

The team at CoinsCord consists of reputable individuals who have more than 15 years in the Fintech industry. Leading the team as the CEO is Andy Sang. Other members of the team include Saru Matt, Joan Smith, as well as Cyrus Nato.

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Company: CoinsCord LTD.

Contact Name: Saru Matt

Address: London, UK, 207 Regent St, London W1B 3HH



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