CoinMetro Reviews – A Review of CoinMetro Project, Cryptocurrency and ICO.

A bridge between traditional and emerging asset classes, the team behind the CoinMetro project define their platform as an ecosystem where regular financial sector can connect with the digital economy.

Designed as an all in one solution, the metropolis will give a complete start to finish solution for individuals and organizations seeking to harness the efficiency of blockchain. Most of fintechs today are geared towards catering either large corporations or small and medium investors. CoinMetro handles all. It is like a city, where individuals and corporations live together.


The CoinMetro Portal is not a hodge podge work done by young people looking to cash in the blockchain craze. The team has a well-established reputation. One of their previous project was FXPIG, a forex broker and a trading partner that pushed for transparency in dealings and was an industry shaker.


The token of CoinMetro is Ethereum based and is ERC20 compliant. This ensures it is secure and fast. The XCM token sale will start in less than a month. It is in a pre-token sale stage as of yet. CoinMetro’s own internal exchange will launch in March 2018 as a beta test. The alpha exchange will be launched in April 2018 where the XCM coin will be tradable.


CoinMetro offers the following services:

  • Debit Card: To access your funds and withdraw in fiat from an ATM.
  • Lending: Loaning your coins (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH supported) and earning interest on it. Similarly, you can apply for loans if you are ever in need.
  • Atomic Swaps: No need of trading pairs. Convert your coin into another directly.
  • Fiat Deposits: Allows for depositing and using your fiat.
  • Digital Exchange: Like any other exchange service, you can trade in crypto pairs.
  • High Leverage: you can trade major cryptocurrencies with a 1:50, one the highest offered.
  • ETF Board: Like a mutual fund program, you can diversify your investment portfolio.
  • ICO Launch: If you are looking for a good ICO launch program, CoinMetro will help you in this regard.

Although these services are not new, one thing that sets CoinMetro apart from other service providers is that it gives all these services under one roof.


Utilizing the multi signature provided by BitGo, the wallets of CoinMetro are extremely secure and have multi-currency support. Along with its own coin, the wallet can hold Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash at the same time.


CoinMetro is an ambitious project. The team has experiences in blockchain and financial sector. The effort to bring the best of both worlds together is commendable. The track record of the developers give confidence that this project will be a success. Only time will tell, however, how much of a success will it be.

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