CoinLion is one of the Blockchain Startups to Watch in 2018, An Interview with the CEO Joshua W. DeWitt.

CoinLion is a game changing digital asset exchange and management platform for the cryptocurrency market. In a chat with Joshua W. DeWitt CEO of Coinlion, he explains that CoinLion is like a traditional asset trading platform, but for cryptocurrency.

Joshua W. DeWitt CEO and Co-Founder of CoinLion has  Masters of Security Analysis Portfolio Management from Creighton University. He Worked collectively on a team managing over 300 million at Merrill Lynch. An has 8 years in the finance industry with a history of trading various instruments including debt, equities, derivatives, FX and more. Expertise in portfolio construction and analysis. Early cryptocurrency miner, trader, and adopter.

Joshua W. DeWitt CEO and Co-Founder of CoinLion

1) What inspired you to launch CoinLion?

Joshua : When I got into crypto I was spending much of my time trying to figure out how to efficiently  manage portfolios, but found the lack of professional tools to be frustrating. There were no platforms available that had the tools needed to properly manage portfolios of digital assets.

There were also no platforms that incentivized users to share information and strategies related to the management of digital assets. This social aspect is something that is valuable not only to professional traders, but casual investors as well.

In addition, there is a lack of research and analytics in the space. It was out of the desire to solve these problems that CoinLion was founded in early 2017. 

2) What is unique about CoinLion exchange platform compared to some established players in the industry?

Joshua : The CoinLion platform is designed to address the challenges crypto investors face in the currently fragmented management and trading environment: 

Existing exchanges and platforms have failed to deliver a powerful, secure, user-friendly platform that provides the tools, research, and education needed for the beginner, and advanced alike, to effectively manage digital assets.

Currently, there is a disconnect between the tools, research, and analytics that exist in the modern financial world and those that are available in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space to properly manage portfolios and execute strategies. This has created a cumbersome and confusing user experience, especially for the beginner.

Trading platforms today are also riddled with security issues that have caused a significant barrier to entry for a large percentage of the population. There is no trusted platform that provides crypto traders a community to learn, build, and grow their crypto holdings using simple and powerful tools.

The CoinLion platform consists of three main components working together to maximize the user’s trading experience.

A crypto exchange focused on giving users the best trading experience possible.

A portfolio management tool that allows for the easy creation and management of cryptocurrency portfolios.

A social component that rewards users who create and share portfolios, strategies, and information with other users.

CoinLion will be the most complete platform as it integrates all of these components to deliver an incredible user experience that not only allows for the trading and management of digital assets, but actually helps educate users to assist them in building solid portfolios that implement controlled disciplined investment processes.

3) CoinLion is a cryptocurrency exchange & portfolio management platform that rewards users for sharing information related to the management of digital assets. How do you actually reward the users?

Joshua: LION is a native token that interacts within the platform helping users learn, build, and grow. LION will create an economy within the platform that rewards and incentivizes users to share and create portfolios, strategies and research related to the management of digital assets. Within the platform users can spend and earn LION. Users are also rewarded with the LION token for top performance, writing research, and building a following.

4) How much are you planning to raise in your ICO and what will it be used for?

Joshua: We have a minimum goal of 2000 ether. Right now this is about $2.4 million. As of the time of this writing we are at 1750 ether and should reach our goal by the end of this week! We have a max of $18 Million and will stop the sale if we reach that number. The funds will be used primarily for the development of the platform, as well as legal, customer service, and marketing.

5) Please tell us about your background and a little bit about the team. Why should someone believe in your team?

Joshua: My background is in the financial industry. My passion is in portfolio management and construction. Before starting CoinLion, I was with Merrill Lynch working on a team managing traditional assets.

I actually first got into cryptocurrency through mining. I was fascinated with the technology and the ability to send transactions almost instantly very low costs. I enjoy both the hardware and software aspect of mining.

When it comes to crypto what really drew me to it was the mathematics driving the blockchain and all of the advantages that it provides.

Someone should believe in our team because we are well-balanced and have a proven track record of success in multiple industries.  

6) What does the future of cryptocurrencies look like?

Joshua : Our investment philosophy revolves around efficient, controlled, disciplined portfolio management and construction. We consider ourselves long-term investors. We have seen incredible growth in the last year and this is the reason we believe proper portfolio construction will be critical for investors going forward. As more digital assets enter the marketplace, it will be important to understand what you are owning and how it fits into your overall portfolio. That being said, we think we will continue to see steady increases in the overall market over the next 3–5 years and beyond. Pending any debilitating regulation, ICOs will continue to increase in volume throughout 2018 and 2019. It is an incredibly powerful funding mechanism and makes a lot of sense for many companies — we won’t see ICOs going away anytime soon. Overall, we see the cryptocurrency market expanding into the trillions of dollars in the next five years and continuing to take market share from traditional assets and currencies.

7) For people who might not know how to participate in the CoinLion Token Sale, give a step-by-step guide on how to participate in the crowdsale.

Joshua: First I would encourage you to navigate to – Here we have many resources that will guide you through participating, including video guides. I also would direct you to the token sale guide which outlines in details the steps to participate. –

8) Tell us about the future plans for CoinLion Exchange?

Joshua: CoinLion is being developed as we speak. The demo is now up and we will have live data coming in soon. We plan to launch the platform in various stages. The token sale ends February 25 and we plan to have something special to reveal on that date. We expect to be fully operational during Q3 of 2018. As we move forward we will continually enhance the platform  and will be looking to the community for feedback on the features that users want to see within the platform in addition to what we are already building.

9) Is there any other important message you would like to pass across to readers?

Joshua: When it comes to asset management it is important to have transparency, immutability, and accuracy and that is what the blockchain provides. When you are tracking performance you need to have unbiased data to have 100% accuracy and many times in traditional assets you have individuals who want to skew or twist the numbers in their favor; with the blockchain this doesn’t  happen. We wanted to create a system that is fully immutable when it comes to tracking performance and other data, that is why we chose to work with blockchain.

Also our entire team has a passion for new technology and making it easier for everyone to interact with technology.  

My challenge for new entrants into the crypto currency space is to not be intimidated by the technology. Test it out on a small scale and see how it works. I think most are surprised how easy it is to interact with the technology and then quickly realize the advantages that it offers.  

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