Cognitive height determines your trading path


What does a truly wise person look like?

Wang Yangming said: “Anytime anywhere and change, flexible, such is the real wisdom of the people.”
Throughout thousands of years of Chinese history, Fan Li at the end of the Spring and Autumn Period is a real wise man.

What wisdom does it take to make a deal? Maybe there are many, but the following two, I think the most important!

Trading wisdom no. 1: Stop your losses

When it comes to “stop losses,” many people may frown and avoid them, always thinking that they are the luckiest person in the market, which is a bit of a taboo. Technical analysis is art not science, art and reality is always a deviation, the market movements are often contrary to our predictions, then letting error amplifier, it leaves us is certainly the pain and regret, to timely stop error control in a certain range, timely stop to let us and make war.

The market does not always win the general, such as Soros still beat Russia, we are not saints, will make mistakes, face up to mistakes, timely and firm stop loss is responsible for our funds, is an important guarantee that we can have sustained combat effectiveness in the market.


Trading wisdom 2: Execution

People without rules, nothing can be accomplished. People’s ability to execute matters. We know that effort is important, but not everyone will perform.
Transaction execution ability can be said to be the standard of whether a person can succeed. If a person is just an empty talk, he is no different from a useless person. Execution ability is the ability to implement the decision plan and solve problems in a timely and effective manner. Many excellent people have a smart head and superior wisdom, but can succeed only a few people who know how to execute. No matter how good your strategy or theory is in trading, if you don’t know how to implement it, your capital will never grow, so only when you have the ability to use your execution power can you really start trading.
We know it’s important to chase girls, but not everyone is brave enough to chase them. In the trading market, we see opportunities to make money in the market, but not everyone dares to order.
But the execution can’t do that, how many opportunities will you miss. With good execution, you can grow your mindset, and you can grow your wallet.
If you want to exercise your trading execution, you should accumulate your trading knowledge, use your real silver to operate in the market, and keep exercising your mentality and execution to improve your ability.

People’s life, the height of cognition determines the height of life.
From the “crazy” to the celebrity with ease, from the minister turned into a business wizard. IQ minute seconds to kill the world, do which line is amazing, which is the top of the industry.

Finally, I hope that each trader, with trading wisdom, smooth, smooth walk in the futures road.

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