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Cody Vaujin Is Building His Legacy and Never Plans on Retiring

Entrepreneurs and business owners are unique in the sense that they tend to focus on their legacies. Cody Vaujin is no different in that regard; he’s a legendary sports handicapping genius and the perfect example of somebody who is dedicated to providing the highest quality knowledge for his clients, students, and followers. Vaujin began his career early after winning a sports handicapping competition and beating out some of the industry’s most renowned names.

At the time, Vauijn was in his early 20s. Even at that age, he was extremely confident and never questioned himself. He credits his upbringing for his success. “I was blessed to be brought up by two very supportive parents. They constantly believed in me. And as a kid, I already had big plans. I was selling candy bars at the local golf course, and I wanted to make a profit. My parents always encouraged me to follow my passion, and that’s what I’ve been doing virtually all my life,” he recalls.

At the age of 22, Cody had the biggest win of his life. He had recently dropped out of college and moved to Las Vegas, where he poured all of his energy into sports handicapping and mastering his strategies. “I had $5,000 and decided to invest it all. I kept playing until I had amassed $4 million. I kept my head up throughout the entire process and truly believed in myself. This is the kind of confidence I want to instill in all of my followers. Age should never be a barrier, and neither should low self-esteem,” he shares.

Codycoverspreads enjoys a thriving community of followers who refer to Vaujin as the G.O.A.T., or, ‘greatest of all time.’ That support encourages him to continue creating and to build his legacy. When asked whether he plans on retiring any time soon, the answer is no. “I love what I do. I wake up very early each day and select my picks of the day. I advise my clients and post content for my fans. What I do makes me feel invigorated and gives me the chance to express myself fully. This is why I can’t ever imagine myself retiring. What would I do? I’d be so bored,” he laughs.

Cody never stops working. Even during the worldwide pandemic, he continued to study and to invent creative ways to remain in the game. When the pandemic shut down the world of sports in the US, he became interested in Korean baseball and got good at handicapping in that sphere in a record amount of time. “I take those challenges as ways to push me out of my comfort zone and to get me to think creatively. No hurdle is too big or impossible to overcome. I want my clients to think this way as well, and to know that they can always persevere,” says Vaujin.

His fanbase currently numbers 210,000 on Instagram and continues to grow exponentially, as fans can’t get enough of Cody’s expert insight. Vaujin is happy to serve as a mentor and to support people on their journey to expert sports handicapping.

For more updates, motivation, and tips from Cody, follow him on Instagram.

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