Coach Allan Hilsinger Discusses the Mental and Physical Benefits of Youth Sports

Coach Allan Hilsinger recently discussed how young people benefit mentally and physically from sports.

Many parents understand that youth sports provide the physical exercise their children need to stay healthy. However, coach Elliott Allan Hilsinger explained that many parents overlook the academic and mood-boosting benefits sports offer.

Coach Hilsinger recently outlined the many advantages of youth sports, including increased confidence, superior academic scores, improved problem-solving skills, and more.

The Many Benefits of Youth Sports

Studies show that sports can positively impact the well-being of kids and teens. The following are several of the most significant benefits kids enjoy when stepping onto the field or court with their classmates.

Youth Sports Improve Self-Esteem

Kids who play sports learn what it feels like to achieve goals, whether they finish their first race or become state champions. When kids discover they can achieve goals in sports, they quickly learn they can accomplish challenging tasks in other areas of life too. This self-confidence follows them into school and throughout life.

Sports Offer Stress Relief

The life of an adolescent or teen is stressful. It involves numerous mental and physical changes that can be difficult to manage. Research shows that exercise relieves stress, but sports also offer kids a support system that can help them during difficult times.

The young person feels less pressure when they have a support system of teammates to help them.

Youth Sports Improve Academic Performance

Some parents think playing sports will distract their children from their academic studies. However, studies show sports promote the exact opposite.

Playing sports forces kids to learn essential skills they later apply to their schoolwork, including critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management. They also discover that achieving goals requires hard work and dedication, and they can apply this to their studies.

Young Athletes Learn the Importance of Physical Health

Youth sports require kids to exercise regularly. This is especially important as childhood obesity continues to be a problem across the U.S. Sports help young people maintain a healthy weight while proving that exercise can be fun and rewarding.

Youth sports also encourage young people to make healthy decisions throughout their school years and beyond. They often learn to avoid harmful habits like drinking alcohol or smoking. Kids who play sports have a reduced risk of developing ailments like breast cancer and osteoporosis as they age.

Sports Lower the Risk of Depression and Anxiety

Depression is a significant issue facing America’s youth, and participation in youth sports can help. According to the Newport Academy, playing youth sports is correlated with lower rates of depression, anxiety, stress, and suicidal thoughts.

About Coach Elliott Allan Hilsinger

Hilsinger is an athlete and dedicated youth sports coach. He specializes in coaching swimming and other water sports, although he supports all youth sports programs. To Coach Hilsinger, all youth sports, whether group or individual, can help kids become superior students and citizens now and later in life.

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