Co-Founder of Cardano and Blockchain visionary, Kenji Sasaki, joins PumaPay’s advisory board

In the highly competitive environment of the modern technology industry, it is not the executives who bring about the next big change or the revolution that steers the whole industry. In fact, the actual engineers and technicians innovate. These people, having the imagination and the will, lead on to run their companies. Yet, what they have is the vision of their respective fields, they may not be skilled enough in other aspects of running organizations. As such, technology companies on the cutting edge of their field rely on people who are very experienced and usually bring them on board as advisors. The Blockchain sector is one of the very big industries that have to leverage the skills and experience of the best advisors in the market.

Kenji Sasaki Advising PumaPay

Kenji Sasaki is no ordinary name in the blockchain sector. His name is most famous for co-founding Cardano, a blockchain ecosystem specifically formulated to run financial services from everyday purchases (domestic users) to corporate level settlements (industrial/commercial financial transactions) to the governmental level. The cryptocurrency behind the project, the ADA, has been launched only a year back and has made a remarkable market cap of 2.7 billion USD and an average trading of USD 54 million a day.

Mr. Sasaki also holds the position of CEO of Chymia Consulting HK, a Hong Kong based blockchain consulting group that helps new platforms enter the market; and Corporate Officer at Emurgo, a sister organization of the Cardano project that supports for expansion and adoption of the Cardano blockchain ecosystem across the globe.

Mr. Sasaki is a visionary with successful entrepreneurial achievements to his name within the Asian market. With his position as an advisor to the PumaPay platform, he brings with him a wealth of experience and insight into the blockchain sector that would allow PumaPay to expand and reach out to investors and users, making it a success.

“We’re very happy to announce that Mr. Sasaki will be a part of our strategic team,” says Yoav Dror, CEO of PumaPay. “It’s an honor to welcome a leader of such caliber, who has believed in PumaPay from the company’s early stages, and has now stepped up in helping us move from vision to execution.”

“I’m honored to join PumaPay and work with the team to continue to develop its PullPayment Protocol and build its growing ecosystem,” says Kenji Sasaki, Co-Founder of Cardano. “It’s a challenging yet very important task due to the project’s disruptive potential, values and high focus on usability. This is the kind of project the blockchain industry needs today.”

About PumaPay

PumaPay is a blockchain platform that addresses one the largest issues in bringing cryptocurrency to mainstream use. The organization believes that, apart from the regulatory compliance that is normally targeted by other platforms, the biggest challenge is that cryptocurrencies are not designed to work how traditional money or the financial systems operate.

With the very way, in which cryptos are structured in form of security, they lack the pull factor. Only the sender party can initiate a transaction. With traditional financial systems, receivers can request a transaction to get their money. This is basically how nearly all credit and debit cards work. When a person does his or her groceries, shopping or dine out, the card is presented to the host and they simply swipe it in their POS machine, enter the amount to be charged and the transaction is done. The simple act of handing over the card to the host is the permission of initiating a transaction. But when it comes to repeated transactions, such as monthly or yearly subscription, the cardholder authorizes repeated transaction so that it can be done without delays. 

Yet, in cryptos, this is not at all possible due to its security system. PumaPay intends to bridge the gap by giving the same convenience of pull payments found in today’s transactions, without harming or compromising the digital security of cryptocurrencies. The company has already garnered the attention of more than 60 companies from around the world who are interested in its pull system and have agreed to implement its protocol in their payment method. These include few of the biggest names such as Wix, Fashion TV, ImLive and others.

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