CLVA Price Prediction: If you miss it now, you will miss it forever

Bitcoin price wavers at the 50% retracement level at $46,849 as underlying momentum continues to weaken. On the other hand CLVA also lost some momentum while climbing back to 2$ and have failed to retest the level and got consolidated at 1.5$ only. 

Moreover, the rally hasn’t ended yet. As CLVA again tested its bottom at 0.3$ it is predicted that it should recover fast upto 1$ or 1.4$ again to test the broken support levels.

As per fibonacci retracement theory, CLVA is once again testing its new bottom and easily recovering to upto 1.4$ which is 50% retracement level of this fall. More over the coin still have lot of holders who have staked their CLVA to earn passive income.

RSI is in an oversold zone as of now, making it an extremely good opportunity for retail whales to buy in some CLVA coins and could benefit from the recovery soon. Moreover, if you closely look at the above chart, the CLVA price falled due to RSI losing momentum and buying power in the market, hence making it enter the overbought zone resulting in a quick decline.

MACD once again bearish at the moment, but as per the support area re-test theory and fibonacci retracement theory the MACD will turn bullish very soon, hence will be a bullish movement for CLVA.

Another great deviation can be seen in the DMI ADX trading setup. As per the charts above, DI+ is lower than that of DI- at the moment. Hence a clear bearish at the moment. But as the ADX (white line) in DMI starts losing the momentum and come down below 30 or 25 mark the CLVA might again prepare for a decent bull moment which may push the price upto 1.5$ to 2$ as well.

Clever Defi Resistance and Support Levels (24 hours)


R3 : $1.06829

R2 : $0.86792

R1 : $0.60493

Pivot : $0.40456

S1 : $0.14157

S2 : $-0.05879900

S3 : $-0.32179000


R3 : $0.86792

R2 : $0.69092

R1 : $0.58156

Pivot : $0.40456

S1 : $0.22756

S2 : $0.11820

S3 : $-0.05879900


R3 : $0.46937

R2 : $0.42689

R1 : $0.38442

Pivot : $0.40456

S1 : $0.29947

S2 : $0.25699

S3 : $0.21452

What is there for Next Month? CLVA Forecast for Sept 2021

According to Digital Coin Price, the CLVA price may go upto the 2.59$ mark in SEPT 2021. Which will be a 300% change from the current price of CLVA.


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