Cloudbric: Next Generation AI-based Cybersecurity Powered By Blockchain

As the world is shifting towards a more internet driven community, there is a need for a high amount of security to protect the data that is present online. There are many cyber-attacks that have started taking place in the newly emerged markets of cryptocurrency and digital assets. Since the cryptocurrency is increasingly gaining recognition, protection becomes a top priority here.

This is where Cloudbric comes into picture. Cloudbric is a newly based AI security platform that is powered by VISION, a Cloudbric’s patented deep learning module that provides all cybersecurity solutions. Cloudbric’s ICO project aims to improve the cybersecurity market with the help of a Decentralized Universal Security Platform.

Salient Features of Cloudbric’s Project

  • Integration with Deep Learning

One of the most powerful and trending fields of computer science, deep learning will be implemented by Cloudbric. Through deep learning, over 20 years of cybersecurity data and knowledge will be used to provide a universal security platform that features not only website security but also mobile device security and asset protection in case of digital currency.

  • Decentralized Cybersecurity

All the data related to cyber threat will be compiled by the security detection engine of Cloudbric in order to decentralize and make this data accessible to users in the form of ‘free-to-use’ security resources. This will be done with the help of blockchain. These resources will be available on Cloudbric Labs. Its free to use resources are meant to ignite a spark of innovation in developers who would help to widen the security community.

  • Security Rewards

The end users of Cloudbric will also be able to power the security that helps protect their own digital assets to gain rewards, like gaining CLB tokens directly into their account. Users can contribute various anonymous cyber-attack logs into the deep learning module, VISION. This helps in training the Cloubric’s deep learning machine to become more accurate at learning and detecting cyber threats.


  • Security Efficiency:

The CLB Tokens will be used to implement Cloudbric’s universal security servicing.  This will encourage its users to maintain a minimum balance of CLB tokens in their highly secure CLB crypto wallets to make the best out of Cloudbric’s plethora of services. Users will be receiving discounts and exclusive services from the Secure Web Alliance, which is Cloudbric’s global partnership network.

  • User Trust and Data Transparency:

All the information regarding the purchases and distributions of CLB tokens will be recorded onto the blockchain. With blockchain, all the transaction data can be accessed anywhere around the globe, which gives rise to data transparency. This ensures a kind of trust and verification.  Cloudbric will be expanding its security features by developing some user focused technologies.


As we can see, Cloudbric has taken a very innovative step by making use of blockchain and deep learning to ensure cyber security in the online world. Cloudbric is unlike any other “typical” ICO cybersecurity vendor which is present on the market.

There is no reason why one should not choose to invest in this ICO project. In fact, Cloudbric’s security technology has been recognized as the no.1 solution in the APAC region. With its deep learning technology, the security system is only going to improve.

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