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Fox Business TV Series Highlights Innovation in Digital Inventory Management with Cloud Inventory®

KANSAS CITY, MO — Cloud Inventory®, the leading digital inventory management platform, will be featured on Fox Business’ Inside the Blueprint program on Saturday, October 9th, as part of an ongoing series highlighting industry innovators transforming inventory management and control.

Cloud Inventory was chosen by FOX for the segment as it offers inventory management solutions for more than 3,000 global enterprises, specifically geared towards improving productivity and efficiency for manufacturing, warehousing, and field inventory operations.

For the segment, President & CEO Mark Goode and Chief Technology Officer Chris Horsefield will weigh in on the benefits of implementing an approach that utilizes the cloud for inventory management applications. Viewers will learn about Cloud Inventory’s mobile-first inventory solutions, as well as how it leverages a backend data model to integrate with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Cloud Inventory is often referred to as ‘revolutionary’ in the marketplace because of its unparalleled combination of mobile applications with an inventory-first extendable data model. This data model enables companies using Cloud Inventory to know the specific state, location, and authenticity of their inventory in real-time. This, in turn, helps companies end guesswork about the flow of inventory, facilitates decision-making capable of anticipating changes, and is based on accurate data.

In a warehouse setting, Cloud Inventory enables users to process manufacturing orders in real-time after inbound raw materials are stored in a stock location. This allows workers to pull inventory while simultaneously ensuring compliance. The technology then empowers enterprises to deliver inventory to field locations and provide immediate proof of delivery.

The FOX segment explains a number of other challenges which can be solved with Cloud Inventory’s approach to inventory management. For example, companies with disparate systems often lack real-time inventory visibility and control. By integrating with a company’s existing ERP systems and providing high-resolution information, Cloud Inventory is able to provide an accurate, updated assessment of inventory and track changes as they occur.

Cloud Inventory is built on a low-code, mobile-first platform, which allows for easy personalization. In the segment, Goode and Horsefield explain how customers can build apps to meet their specific needs and ensure that applications are intuitive for their personnel to use.

Another benefit of Cloud Inventory’s approach is increased security. Horsefield describes how Cloud Inventory is able to securely store its customers’ data in the cloud, including storing historical data transactionally, which allows customers to access secure data in real-time. On-premise solutions are generally not equipped to provide this sort of security technology.

To learn more about the unique ways in which Cloud Inventory helps improve productivity, ensure compliance, optimize inventory, and generate greater revenues, make sure to watch Inside the Blueprint Saturday, October 9th on FOX Business. You can also visit to learn more about recent successes and to request a demonstration of Cloud Inventory’s Manufacturing Materials™, Warehouse Inventory™, and Field Inventory™ solutions.

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