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Cloud AI Chipsets Market Growth Analysis Report – 2030

Cloud AI Chipsets are computational chipsets that focus on the workload of AI that is been deployed in the cloud or data center. Cloud AI chipsets are designed for AI training or AI inference. Cloud AI chipsets are designed for supporting a wide range of AI models including rule-based models, and deep learning models.

Cloud AI chipset has higher computational power and higher power consumption. Hence, due to the high demand for high-performance computing, the demand for cloud AI chipsets is expected to rise, in the coming years.

Cloud AI Chipsets Market: – Impact Analysis of COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the global economy and is prompting uncertain forecasts in technology segments. As nearly half of the world’s population is in partial or full lockdown, people are doing their activities online. The internet traffic has increased by 30% to 40% in the last few months.

As business continuity has become a major challenge during the pandemic, fully flexible and scalable cloud resources have become important. The demand for cloud-based artificial intelligence is also increasing in various sectors like logistics, warehousing, healthcare, and others.

To get ahead of the virus and save as many lives as possible, companies are using artificial intelligence chipsets for drug discovery, development, and testing. Hence, the cloud AI chipset market is estimated to witness high growth in 2020 and 2021 as well.

Cloud AI Chipsets Market: – Market Dynamics

High Adoption of Quantum Computing is Driving the Market Growth

Quantum computing aids in the processing and transmission of data, and quantum computers are capable of solving complex problems faster compared to modern binary supercomputers. Major technology giants across the world are investing more resources and increasing their research and development, to tap commercial opportunities of providing quantum computing services and solutions to governments and the private sector.

With the usage of quantum computers, it is very easy to break traditional encryption. The use of quantum computing ensures much stronger protection of digital assets, which is anticipated to drive the growth of the market.

Cloud AI Chipsets Market: – Regional Analysis

Globally, North America and Europe dominated the cloud AI chipsets market in terms of revenue in 2019, owing to presence of key players and developments of various projects such as driverless cars, smart homes, and IoT in the regions. Moreover, South Asia & Pacific region is estimated to grow with a high CAGR due to the growing adoption of AI in various industries like automotive, healthcare, retail, and others and increasing investments in AI startups.

Cloud AI Chipsets Market: – Key Players

The key players in the Cloud AI Chipsets market

  • Huawei Technologies
  • Samsung Electronics
  • Microsoft, Intel Corporation
  • Advanced Micro Devices
  • Qualcomm Technologies
  • Google

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