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Create Fashion Brand / CFB – is Portugal base and by manufacturing garments they have introduced the world of fashion to a smart manufacturing environment. They solely focus on manufacturing ethical and safe clothing for the environment.

While the company tries to tackle all these issues, this doesn’t mean that it is lacking in production. CFB is supported by a group of highly qualified and experienced producers, creating the best outcome in the company’s dynamism.

At CFB they do their best to help customers through the whole process of creating their own brand. By working together with CFB, you can realize your dreams of owning a fashion brand come true.

As a result, it’s not surprising to see big brands delighted to work with the clothing manufacturer.

Brands such as Balenciaga, Off white, Moschino, Represent Clothing, and Pangaia are some of the biggest brands that have recently decided to initiate a partnership with CFB

CFB has two distinct ways of working as a clothing manufacturer : Clothing Development – the traditional way of manufacturing clothes – and Private Label – a customizable blanks collection.

Throughout the years CFB have been growing and standing out from other clothing manufacturers by adopting unique ways of working, as well as providing best customer experience.

In this article we will get through the aspects that makes CFB stand out from other clothing manufacturers.

  1. 100% Custom Products

As mentioned above, CFB have two different ways that clients can choose in order to get their product developed. Alike traditional clothing manufacturers, CFB offers 100% custom products by working with technical-packs and designs provided by the customer. The idea of ‘Developing from scratch’ is offered to make the clients product come to life with the exact same fabric, measurements and customization requested.

  1. Best Value for Quality and Cost Effective for Large Orders

At CFB they value the quality of product delivered to the client by making sure that every step of production is under their quality control process. When delivering quality, CFB ensures that quotes provided underline and fully respect client requests. In their quote, they include alternative price quotations that take into account different fabric qualities, style adjustments, production, finishing techniques, quantities, etc. They pride themselves in being able to be competitive with their pricing while respecting all the stakeholders involved in the business. A solution that is fair and suitable to all parties involved is their objective. All variables of prices can be reevaluated, as long as they meet their client’s needs and expectations.

  1. Custom Labels, Tags and Packaging Options

When referring to production orders within both types of processes available ‘Clothing Development’ and ‘Private Label’. CFB allow the client to fully customize different options such as labels, tags and packaging. Within both ways of working, labeling and packaging can be individually customized in each production order. Packaging can be customized using their client’s logo and respecting their brand identity requirements. Both our quality control and labeling & packaging departments carry out one last inspection, in order to assure that clients have the right quality delivered to them.

  1. Wide range of Products, Fabrics, Notions and Accessories under one roof

CFB relies on their family of more than 110 skilled staff that are continuously educated and trained to deliver high quality products. In respective of this, they are dedicated to have an ethical work environment as well as providing equal opportunities for brands. Their team includes fashion designers, pattern makers, cutters, quality controllers, textile engineers as well as our extremely qualified seamstresses. CFB sources in Portugal (mostly) and Italy, depending on a case-by-case analysis. As for accessories CFB sources within its global network of partners and suppliers for every component that goes into a garment or apparel. Every individual component is sourced according to the client’s specifications, price range and quality. All the sewing stages are done internally in one of our factories.
Each of our factories have skilled and size-able sewing department with large scale of garment manufacturing capacity.

  1. Cost Effective for Large Orders

In terms of cost for quantities, CFB relies on “the larger the quantity, the lower the price” policy. The more quantities of the product the customer wishes to produce, the lower the price of each part will be at the end of production. In this way, CFB encourages customers to follow the minimum order quantities required by their company, so that the customer can get the most out of the final production price.

  1. Wide Range of Garment Finishes and Applications

Create Fashion Brand provides the following textile production finishes and applications:

  • Garment dye – Pigment, Reactive, Cold dye pigment, Mould, Tie dye, Holes.
  • Washing and special finishes – Stone wash, Fade out, Dry wash, Normal, Sand wash, Enzyme treatment wash, Silicone wash, Crinkle wash, Spray.
  • Prints – All-over, Pigment, Discharge, Digital, Sublimation, Foil, Transfer, Water/Screen Print, Devoré/Corrosion
  • Embroidery – Manual, with stones, Rivets, with laser cut, with embroidery/ high relief, English, All-over
  1. Adoption of Ethical and Sustainable methods throughout the whole clothing manufacturer process

At CFB they pride themselves in being sustainable clothing manufacturers, adopting ethical and sustainable practices throughout product development including, waste minimization and recycling, resource efficiency and use of local supply chain. The apparel they supply has OEKO-TEX® certification which grants that raw, finished fabrics as well as accessory materials used are tested for harmful substances at all processing levels. These tests take into consideration its purpose and the more intensive the skin contact of a product, the stricter the human-ecological requirements need to be complied to.

By using recycled garments, CFB have saved up to 26.5 million m³ of water in 2020 using recycled cotton for our production line; which has saved up to 40.499 tons of CO2 emissions and 99.470 MWh of energy.  At CFB, they don’t see waste, they see circular solutions. Textile waste can be raw material to produce your future garments . This process allows the industry to move towards a closed-loop (sustainable) model.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly clothing manufacturer that specializes in the development and production of high-quality luxury garments, then CFB is worth checking out. Due to being located in the Northern region of Portugal, CFB have different qualities that make the Portuguese industry stand out from other European countries in the textile sector.

Media contact:

Company name: CFB Create Fashion Brand Textile
Telephone no: +351 253784376

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