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In the image post-production industry, clipping path service is the basic service implemented to cut out the object from its original background. Clipping Path EU is always beside you to assist you as a clipping path provider company for clipping your image background to give images a thoroughly professional look. We provide fully hand-drawn photo cut-out services for sharp and attractive images. Our high-quality image clipping services ensure that your product photo looks perfect and fits with any background you wish.

What is clipping path service?

Clipping path service is the most convenient technique for photo editing service in which a photo background can be removed, keeping the object exactly the same. It is a digital process of cutting an object from a photo using Adobe Photoshop. The service is the most popular and widely used image editing technique globally in the image editing sector.

When a Photoshop expert does the clipping path, everything outside of the desired object is removed, and everything inside the path is included. Alternatively, it can be called a background removal service.

Photoshop image cut-out method from a picture is well known in different parts of the world by other names in the image post-production sector. They are as follows:


  • Silo path
  • Photo cut-out
  • Image clipping
  • Deep etching
  • Multi-path
  • Closed vector shape
  • Closed vector path, etc.

Categories of Clipping path service-

Photographers, E-commerce managers, and Graphic designers know that every clipping process is not the same. However, the process differs in some categories based on the image complexity.

Each image is unique, and our designer always completes the clipping path depending on the level of complexity. Every image editing company and designer follows some categories of clipping.

An overview of the Clipping Path Services categories based on path complexity is shown here:

Basic Clipping Path

The basic clipping paths are usually applied to straight or round-shaped products without holes. The objects should be simple shapes like a Book, bottle, box, Ball, Phone, etc. Generally, there are fewer curves for the basic clipping path.

Simple Clipping Path

The simple clipping paths are applied to several curved and holes products. It is applied if a photo has more curves and holes than a basic one. So, it takes a little bit more time. These products can be cups, single furniture, simple jewelry, handbags, shoes, etc.

Medium Clipping Path

The Medium clipping path includes multiple holes and multiple curves. Generally, it is more complicated than the simple clipping path. For example, removing the background of a medium-complex image, such as the complex shape of clothing with more curves, is more difficult as we need to create more anchor points.

Complex Clipping Path

The complex clipping path is applied for objects with harsh edges, many holes, and possibly multiple levels of transparency. Groupings of various items of clothing may be the best example. A huge amount of anchor points are drawn in the bracelet or chain. Generally, bracelets or chains remain long, and these have numerous holes. We offer a complex clipping path service to remove the background of any complex product such as chains, furniture sets, strollers, bracelets, jewelry, etc.

Super Complex Clipping Path

The super complex clipping path is implemented on giant products with numerous tiny holes and many loops. The service is usually used in complicated designs like fences, zigzag, cross designs, etc. Moreover, it is applied in various products like bicycles, intricate jewelry, wire furniture, chains, nets, dolls, etc. Path Offer always assures you to get the best super complex clipping path service at a competitive price.

Extra Super Complex Clipping Path

It is done in images with multiple objects with numerous curves and loops. The service is usually used in jewelry with complex interlinking pieces or chains, furniture with multiple cut-outs, objects with netting or mesh, complex machinery, etc.

Extra super complex clipping is required for solid product images where subtle details will not look natural. Sometimes, we have to combine super complex, complex, and multiple clipping paths with image masking to get the perfectly edited product.

When to apply the clipping path service?

  • When removing the background from an image.
  • If you want to select a particular area of an image for color correction.
  • When you need to remove an unwanted object from a picture.
  • For background swapping or image manipulation.
  • Making any shadow to enhance the beauty.

Why do photographers, creative directors, eCommerce entrepreneurs, and studio managers love Path Offer and outsource their photo editing projects to us?

We always offer high-quality services.

We never use any automated software for editing.

We always make sure the service is done accurately and assure clients about our TAT, transparent and competitive pricing.

Who needs to outsource the clipping path services-

It would be best if you did not fiddle in Photoshop for hours figuring out the tedious edits. Instead, you should spend your creative talents and wisdom doing what you love.

Path Offer is your first virtual photo editing and design studio for your digital photo editing. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Outsourced clipping path services from us are ideal when you are-

— A busy professional photographer with a vast batch of edits due to a recent product photoshoot.

— A freelancer or agency has to deal with strict client deadlines and maintain plenty of other supplies.

— An e-Commerce business owner who wants to use their time to increase sales instead of fiddling around in Photoshop.

So, why are you waiting to upload your RAW images to fall in love with our editing? Take our top-notch clipping path services and get attractive discounts on your bulk order.


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