Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) Market to Provide Backbone for Patient-centred Care

Clinical Decision Support System

The clinical decision support system (CDSS) has been widely implemented at the point-of-care. Developed nations over the past several years have been early adopters of the technologies, given the value of the system in advancing evidence-based clinical guidelines. In particular, players in the CDSS market have been able to penetrate community health systems, notably for the management of cardiovascular diseases and facilitating decisions for an array of chronic diseases.

Worldwide, the clinical decision support system market has been making huge growth on the back of explosive growth of computerized clinical workflows in the developing world. Clinics and hospitals have been key beneficiaries of the rapid deployment. The benefit of supporting or improving patient-specific assessments or recommendations for clinicians is a key proposition that has spurred the pace of implementation in these regions. Per a study by analysts at Transparency Market Research, the growth prospects in the CDSS market is huge, and they project the revenues to reach US$ 1,318.4 Mn by the end of 2025.

Implementation Growing Globally

The growing concern of patient safety and outcomes is a key motivation that has raised awareness about the need for clinical decision support systems. Two key developments have been the driving force in increasing the implementation rate globally. Rise in adoption of electronic health records (EHR) in clinics and hospitals is a key driver for adoption. Growing trend of integrating computerized provider order entry (CPOE) systems with CDSS has been another trend. The growing popularity of medical and healthcare wearables in developing and developed nations has facilitated to impart clinical value in such systems.

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Rise in use of mobile devices both by clinicians and patient populations has helped developers of CDSS to prosper. Web-based applications used in healthcare IT have become more secure and easy to use, acting as accelerator of growth in the CDSS market.

The use of knowledge-based systems has proliferated in all key markets. However, non-knowledge based systems that harness AL and ML algorithms are still slow in implementation. The underlying technologies are still in nascent stage.

Focus on Patient Safety Outcomes Will Help CDSS to Prosper

Rise in healthcare IT investments have stimulated tech companies in the CDSS market to keep constantly innovating. They are on their heels to expand the functionality, which is a key aspect of the constantly broadening ambit of CDSS. For instance, some of the major areas where growth is imminent is drug control, chronic disease management, and improving clinical workflow tools.

One of the rapidly emerging areas in the CDSS market is its use in improving patient safety outcomes. The growing use of computerized provider order entry (CPOE) systems in monitoring drug-drug interactions (DDI). CDS has enabled healthcare providing organizations to prevent DDIs in inpatient care settings. Convinced by the benefits of CDSS, governments in developed nations particularly in the U.S. have endorsed CDSS to include ‘high-priority’ list of DDIs. With soaring investments in EHRs, the implementation of CDSS has also grown substantially in recent years, fueling the growth prospects in the CDSS market.

CDSS has been leveraged to medication administration system errors at the bedside. One target for CDSS has been bar-code POC medication administration systems, which is being steadily integrated with CDSS in various key regional markets. The growing use of CDSS in ICU patients for reducing medication errors has been critical. The deployment has risen with growing focus of healthcare providers on critical care.

The cost-effectiveness of CDSS isn’t limited to critical care. CPOE-integrated systems are gaining attention among healthcare companies to reduce the out-of-pocket expense by patients and their caregivers. In effect this reduces burden of laboratory resource utilization and increased the affordability of medications.

In recent times, new application areas in the CDSS market have emerged, such as diagnostic decision support systems (DDSS).

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Caveats Remain

Despite the high potential, CDSS implementation will bring real value to patient-centred care only if evidence-based recommendations are used for developing the system. Technology companies operating in the CDSS market must also take of other pitfalls in a bid to improve the CDSS designs. Another often neglected area is use of apt approaches for managing the entire CDSS lifecycle.

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