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ClickSEO CTR Bot Review

A click-through rate or CTR bot review has become necessary in light of its sudden emergence as a critical ranking factor and an indispensable tool in the global digital marketing arsenal. 

Until recently, growth hackers and SEO specialists knew content and backlinks to be the primary ranking factors on Google and other search engines. Now, thankfully, other factors are starting to pop up and offer impressive results. One such factor is CTR. 

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CTR is arguably the hottest ranking tool in the market right now. Any serious website owner or marketer will implement CTR SEO strategies to push their websites up through the ranks. For instance, link your CTR tool of choice directly to website images and web pages that you want to rank. 

With the growing proliferation of CTR tools everywhere on the internet, it can be difficult to find a great one. In this ClickSEO CTR bot review article, however, we are going to make things easy by reviewing the best CTR tool in the market at the moment, ClickSEO. But first, let’s learn more about CTR.

What is CTR?

CTR, which stands for Click Through Rate, means the percentage of users who click on your link from the search engine result page (SERP) or the ratio of the users who click your page link on SERP to the ones who saw it. 

Every second, Google and other search engines are trying to turn up the best result for users. For years, businesses have leveraged ranking factors, such as well-crafted content and backlinking, to rank on the first pages. Search engines, including Google, now also recognize CTR as a ranking factor. 

For instance, Google wants to see that:

  • Your page listing receives clicks. 
  • Users remain on your site for a while. 
  • The bounce rate of your site is as low as possible. 
  • Users return to the website.
  • Users are visiting using mobile or desktop devices. 

All of this works together to determine whether your website maintains your ranking. Fortunately, the ClickSEO tool ticks all the boxes and more. 

Now, let’s move on to the ClickSEO CTR bot review. 

What is ClickSEO?

ClickSEO is an advanced, world-class CTR software that generates human-like or organic clicks from SERPs. It is currently the best CTR tool in the market now. With it, you can target selected keywords, which will, in turn, increase the CTR in Google Search Console and give feedback to the search engine’s positive signals.

Basically, the ClickSEO CTR Bot searches your chosen keywords on Google, crawls through the SERPs to find your web pages, clicks on the URLs from the search results, and visits your website. Although you are leveraging a bot to drive traffic to your website, ClickSEO makes it seem as though the non-human traffic is coming from humans. This will cause Google to register it as organic traffic and boost your ranking as a result. 

In addition to this, we will check out other benefits of opting for ClickSEO in the next section of this CTR bot review. 

Why Businesses Use ClickSEO for CTR

CTR Manipulation is the primary service ClickSEO provides. Once you sign up, you will realize that it offers many more service options. By using ClickSEO as your CTR manipulation tool, your website will enjoy the following: 

Google Suggest

While some users come online with a clear destination in mind, the majority still rely on Google Autosuggest to point them in the right direction. Unlike many CTR tools, ClickSEO leverages Google Autosuggest by typing the selected keywords in the Google search bar to boost your CTR and drive users to your website.

Increased CTR

This is by far the most important feature of ClickSEO. This bot will increase your organic CTR and boost your search engine ranking. Every ClickSEO click is registered in the Google search console.

Geo-targeting Traffic

ClickSEO helps you to drive traffic from the location you operate as well as where you wish. For instance, if you want traffic from your users in Singapore and you are in the United States, ClickSEO can make it happen. They have such coverage in more than 170+ countries.

Real-time Campaign Stats

ClickSEO lets you track your campaign’s progress through its dedicated analytics dashboard. You will know where you stand, how much progress you have made, and what you might need to tweak or change at any time. 

Easy-to-use Setup Settings

ClickSEO features several options that you can use to customize and tailor your campaigns according to your preference. It gives you control over everything, from bounce rate and traffic to the number of visited pages and spent on site (dwell time). 

Furthermore, in this ClickSEO CTR bot review, we will delve deeper into the setup settings and how you can utilize them to your advantage. Some of the setup settings include 

Multiple Keyword Selections

This is one of the most interesting features of ClickSEO. You can select several keywords on ClickSEO to rank your website, from which the CTR manipulation tool triggers Google Suggest. ClickSEO allows you to select anything from 12 keywords to 500 keyphrases, depending on the pricing plan you are on.   

Unique Visitors

With human traffic, every visit is as unique as the individual user. So, if 10,000 humans click on your website link on SERP, it will be registered as 10,000 organic traffic. It is, however, different for CTR bots. Every click from a bot will be registered as one, no matter how many times you visit. But ClickSEO works differently. 

ClickSEO ensures that all clicks from it seem human-like by ensuring that, just like human traffic, every click is unique. The bot achieves this by changing: 

  • Geolocation of the visit
  • Unique custom browser
  • Unique custom device

The metric of unique visitors to your website is instrumental to traffic diversity, one you want to be reflected within the Google Search Console.

Dwell Time (time spent on site)

One metric Google looks out for is how long the users that clicked on your website stay on. This is known as dwell time and Google uses it to estimate how valuable or useful your website is before ranking it. ClickSEO gives you control over it. 

ClickSEO allows you to select how long you want each session to last, which can any time from 1 minute to 5 minutes depending on the pricing package you opt for. Generally, the longer the dwell time, the better the user experience metrics you are accruing for your website, all of which will go a long way to rank you on search engines. 

Number of Pages Visited

In addition, the number of pages on your website a user visits per session also influences your site’s search engine ranking. ClickSEO also lets you select the number of pages you want it to visit. Depending on your pricing plan, you can select between 2 and 5 pages per session. Since Google prioritizes website engagement, the more pages on your website ClickCTR visits, the better you fare on search engine ranking. 

NOTE: As a way of ensuring that ClickSEO acts in a typically human fashion, you won’t be able to choose the 5 internal links that get visited by ClickSEO. It will be random, though the most relevant pages, such as product pages, will receive the most visits. 


When a human visits a page and wants to check it out, they scroll through it. It’s completely human behavior and Google knows this. While it might not be a direct ranking factor like the others on this list, it could easily be tracked by Google. So, in the spirit of leaving nothing to chance and generating ONLY organic clicks, ClickSEO has it as a feature. 

Some Interesting Facts About CTR

These facts are supposed to ensure your website at least remains within averages and stay relevant. So here goes: 

  • The #1 result in Google’s organic search results has a 31.7% average CTR
  • Compared to a web page in the #10 spot in the organic search result, the #1 web page is likely to get 10 times more clicks. 
  • Title tags with a question mark generally enjoy 14.1% more CTR than web pages without question marks in their titles. 
  • Title tags with a character count of 15 to 40 have 8.6% higher CTR than the ones outside this range. 
  • Moving up one spot in the search result will increase your CTR but your initial position determines by how much. For instance, going from #2 to #2 has more CTR than going from #9 to #8. In fact, organic CTR for positions 7 through 10 is virtually the same. 
  • URLs with a keyword and adding meta-description may result in a higher CTR. 

ClickSEO Costs

The costs of running campaigns on ClickSEO are some of the most affordable in the market. 

At the moment, ClickSEO runs two plans—Standard and Corporate. 


In this CTR bot review, we have highlighted a few things: 

  • CTR is an important ranking factor. 
  • ClickSEO is a bot that helps you increase the CTR for your website while making the clicks as human or organic as possible. 
  • By registering for ClickSEO here, you can get started. 

Good luck! 

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