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Cleverfiles Team Creates DIY Data Recovery Solutions For Windows & Mac Users

The free data recovery software can retrieve all types of data formats at an impressive speed. It’s easy to use, making it the perfect data management tool for people working from home.

Billions of people are now working from home due to the epidemic that is ravaging the world. More than ever, people now need to keep their data safe, not just by backup but also by having a reliable data recovery machine. 

Cleverfiles, a data security and management platform, is proud to announce DiskDrill, DIY data recovery software. What makes this tool highly essential is because it is available for free, and anyone can use it; no special abilities or capabilities needed.

DiskDrill is one of the best data recovery software to recover accidentally corrupted or lost files at home, well-known for its efficiency and performance. It works on PC and Mac, iPhone and Android, and very useful in retrieving data from SSD/HDD, USB drive, digital camera, SD/CF card, etc. 

To download the software and start using it for free, please visit here

Millions of people lose files every day. Some people accidentally delete files whiles others are victims of storage device crashes, damages, corruption, and other factors. Most people usually solve this problem by hiring a data recovery expert. However, during this lockdown period, that may take a long time, or even impossible to achieve. 

Clevefiles specifically created DiskDrill to help people working from home achieve maximum data protection and security with rest of mind. The file recovery software makes DIY data retrieval possible, with its numerous user-friendly features and easy to navigate interface. 

DiskDrill can be used to retrieve all types of files, including video, audio, images, documents, archives, etc. It works on different models of Mac computers and brands of PC desktop and laptops. Users can also make use of the program to retrieve lost data from their mobile devices, including iPhones, Samsung phones, etc. 

Using the DiskDrill free data recovery software is very easy and doesn’t require any expertise. The first step is to download the software and install it. Then, the user can now select the location of the file they want to recover, as well as the recovery method. Once that is done, the user can then click on the “Search for lost data” button to trigger the algorithm to start looking for the lost data. 

Within minutes, lost data will start to appear on the dashboard of the tool, complete with preview images. Select the files needed and click the “recover” button to retrieve the required data into a separate drive. 

For better results, users should make sure they select the “complete scan” option. However, they can make use of the “filters” features to choose specific file types to save time. 

More than just DIY data recovery software, DiskDrill also provides premium data protection to help people working at home keep important files safe. It is easy to use, resourceful, and very reliable. 

For more information, please visit here.

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