Clever (CLVA) Price Forecast: Will it ever come back to 8$ in 2021?

According to an article by Forbes “Bitcoin Could Be Left In The Dust By Ethereum In 2021” resulting in establishing a strong sentiment for programmable currencies and Defi token. It is now inappropriate to say that crypto currencies aren’t backed by anything or Defi does not have any future. Tokens like CLVA built in ERC20 is a reputable and recognized Defi token in the crypto ecosystem with a huge community and high ROI for the holders.

Let’s take a look at Technical Analysis of CLVA token along with some price action movement

Though CLVA has been forming a descending triangle since June now, strongly holding the support lines gives it an edge over holding power in the community. Anything above the diagonal trend line might be a definite area to the start of a rally. But the question is will CLVA be able to reach 8$ mark this year?

RSI is aggressively entering the oversold zone (losing momentum) as soon as the price of CLVA reaches its support level, which means that the market or holders are not ready yet to sell CLVA tokens which claims to have more buy momentum in the market. You can trade CLVA via UniSwap here.

As of now the ADX is pretty low, this behavior indicates that the market might not have much movements as of now. Anything above 20-30 mark in ADX you may see a quick movement in the market, it could be bears or bulls but surely the price will be moving in one of the directions.

To check in which direction the price will move like Will it go upwards to check its resistance? Or Will go down towards the support again? This can be determined by the DI+ and DI- intersections. As in the above chart you may see that the DI+ (green) is crossing above DI-(red), which gives a spike in the price.

You can ensure ADX and DI movement by using MACD as a supporting technical indicator. As shown above the ADX confirms to have an increase in price in the next few candles, whereas MACD also seems to be entering in a bullish mode very soon. Combining these two indicators may help you in taking the best trade decision for you.

Clever Defi Resistance and Support Levels (24 hours)


R3 : $1.18691

R2 : $1.03612

R1 : $0.89229

Pivot : $0.74150

S1 : $0.59766

S2 : $0.44688

S3 : $0.30304


R3 : $1.03612

R2 : $0.92358

R1 : $0.85405

Pivot : $0.74150

S1 : $0.62895

S2 : $0.55942

S3 : $0.44688


R3 : $0.82946

R2 : $0.80245

R1 : $0.77544

Pivot : $0.74150

S1 : $0.72143

S2 : $0.69442

S3 : $0.66741


CLEVER is a DEFI (Decentralized Finance) Protocol that distributes AUTOMATIC INTEREST PAYMENTS to all CLVA Token Holders on a pre-programmed routine cycle schedule over 888 fortnightly cycles taking exactly 34.15 years to complete.

Up to 11% Compound interest PAID FORTNIGHTLY with guaranteed automatic payments for all CLVA Token holders

Think of CLEVER as the digital smart way to STORE YOUR WEALTH which pays a significantly greater interest rate compared to a now outdated everyday bank account paying little to no interest.

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