Clever (CLVA) Price Forecast: ADX trending bullish getting ready quick rally of 100%

Though the week wasn’t good for the CLVA community, a great jump in the price can be seen from 0.07$ to 0.20$ which is nearly a 300% growth in less than 10 days! Holders might not be that happy with the current price action, but as they are getting passive rewards on their holding of CLVA tokens they will be blessed with great incentives later.

Some of the analysts say “The Crypto market specially BITCOIN is in the last phase of its BULL RUN, no one knows where it will stop this time and much it is gonna fall after… place trades smartly and put stop loss on all cost” – Well this might be applicable on CLVA price action as per previous trace records, CLVA token have proved that it is not affected by the whale movements of BTC.

Let’s take a quick look at technical analysis of the CLVA to see what is the best possible trading setup and investment strategy.

Super Trend is about to populate buy signals as per the above chart. Which means after this short sell (profit booking) there will be again a good retracement towards price 0.30$ to 0.50$ very soon. Just not the super trend is indicating this but also DMI along with ADX and DI directions too.

ADX is below 20 points which means there is no momentum in the market, which is good actually because the price will stay where it is right now. The sooner the ADX increases you will be a quick movement in the market along but again it could be either upwards or downwards. According to our analysis, it will be most likely to be in UPWARD direction, because as per the chart above the DM direction is bearish, but with low ADX the price is stable, so an opposite can be seen when ADX climbs up and DI populates bullish sentiment resulting in the increase in the price.

The fibonacci retracement setup tell a different story here, along with RSI indicator there are 100% chance of 50%, RSI is also in a good place right now, the only thing which can stop or become a hurdle is the level of 0.236 in fibonacci setup, as this level has a strong resistance which may result in a small sell off period, if CLVA substance this level then within no time it may reach 0.43$ which is at 50% in fibonacci retracement setup.

Clever Defi Resistance and Support Levels (24 hours)


R3 : $0.13916

R2 : $0.06958

R1 : $0.13916

Pivot : $0.06958

S1 : $0.13916

S2 : $0.06958

S3 : $0.13916


R3 : $0.06958

R2 : $0.06958

R1 : $0.06958

Pivot : $0.06958

S1 : $0.06958

S2 : $0.06958

S3 : $0.06958


R3 : $0.20875

R2 : $0.20875

R1 : $0.20875

Pivot : $0.06958

S1 : $0.20875

S2 : $0.20875

S3 : $0.20875


CLEVER is a DEFI (Decentralized Finance) Protocol which distributes AUTOMATIC INTEREST PAYMENTS to all CLVA Token Holders on a pre-programmed routine cycle schedule over 888 fortnightly cycles taking exactly 34.15 years to complete.

Up to 11% Compound interest PAID FORTNIGHTLY with guaranteed automatic payments for all CLVA Token holders

Think of CLEVER as the digital smart way to STORE YOUR WEALTH which pays a significantly greater interest rate compared to a now outdated everyday bank account paying little to no interest.

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