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ClearX Launch Their Blockchain-based Cycle Management Platform for ICT Companies


Leading providers of blockchain-based clearing and settlement solution, ClearX, announce the launch of their new platform to help ICTs automate Data Services life cycles and create stronger collaborations.

The forward-thinking team at ClearX, under the leadership of Eran Haggiag, recently reiterated their commitment to helping businesses leverage blockchain and its inherent solutions to enhance their operations following the launch of a life cycle management platform for information and communication technology companies (ICTs). The newly introduced solution is designed as a data services marketplace, ensuring automated alignment for partners’ wholesale Data Service inventories, handling settlements, and creating the path to stronger collaborations.

We are thrilled to offer our secure financial and inventory solutions to leading companies in the journey to full automation,” says Eran Haggiag, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of ClearX. “Our groundbreaking platform meets the growing demands of companies adapting to technological and commercial changes.”

The blockchain space has continued to expand across industries, as more individuals, as well as businesses, seek to harness its features. Inventory management remains one of the biggest challenges in the quote-to-cash wholesale processes for data services, even as the market witnesses a significant transition. The automation of on-demand services further highlights the potentials of data services, especially as it continues to drive a good part of the revenue of ICT service providers. Unfortunately, many of the organizations in this industry are yet to fully automate their process due to several reasons, ranging from cost to difficulty in accessing reliable solutions. However, ClearX seeks to change this narrative with the launch of their latest solution, an automated marketplace environment.

ClearX’s platform ensures automated alignment between partners’ wholesale data service inventories and enables ICTs to support their enterprise customers’ growing needs for agility and optimize their operation. One of the major benefits of operating in an automated marketplace environment is faster fulfillment of orders, enabling ICT providers in this instance, to significantly reduce the resources – time and effort, required to deliver their services.

The solution from ClearX will undoubtedly redefine ICT services delivery, shortening the life cycle stages, including quoting, ordering, service delivery, and settlement. The company uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for taking fragmented workflows, ultimately making inventory alignment and settlement automated and faster.

The revolutionary blockchain-based platform is built with smart contracts, allowing partners to gain access to information without compromising their security or privacy. Another feature of the platform, which further stands it out and makes it a necessary tool for ICT companies is the compatibility with multiple types of products, with links to different legacy systems.

The solutions from ClearX are designed to help in accelerating the deployment of new sites, services, and global applications, enabling easier changes, better assurance, and the ability to format existing services.

The new platform, which will chart a new course in the ICT service industry by enhancing productivity and helping businesses to compete favorably, is one of the several services from ClearX as the company continues to deliver groundbreaking tools to customers.

For more information about the blockchain-based automated solution and other innovative tools from ClearX, visit – ClearX also has a growing online community across social media, including LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

About ClearX

ClearX was founded in 2018 to build blockchain-based settlement and clearing networks for global industries. The company aims to facilitate frictionless B2B trade by enabling enterprises to transition from current inefficient and manual processes to real-time trading and clearing on a global scale. ClearX’s user-friendly platform is designed to help enterprises automate contracts and data management while guaranteeing control, security, and privacy in networks with multiple partners. It also provides automatic payments and clearing, reducing transaction fees, long payment cycles, and managing fraud prevention.

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