Clean energies a solution to the climate and energy crisis

energy crisis

Energy consumption has skyrocketed. Although it is true that we are now using technologies that consume less energy (such as LED bulbs), the amount of equipment that we connect to electricity is much higher.

Due to the high energy demand, we generate considerable amounts of it. If we do not want to destroy the planet, clean alternatives that do not contaminate must be found. And this is when we understand the importance of clean energy.

Why is green energy considered to be the energy of the future?

We are completely dependent on fossil fuels, but they will not last forever. If we continue at the same rate as we have been doing in recent years, the system is not viable.

In addition to energy sources running out, another problem is the pollution caused by the utilization of conventional systems. This pollution contributes to the increase of the greenhouse effect and the ozone layer.

Therefore, it is impossible to think about the future and not take into account renewable energies, or 100% green energies

These are the main types of renewable energies:

  • Solar energy, as its name suggests, is that which we obtain from the sun directly. It can be photovoltaic solar energy (which is generated from sunlight) or solar thermal (which takes advantage of the heat generated by the sun).
  • Hydraulic energy is obtained through the movement of water currents.
  • Another very important type of green energy is wind energy, which is produced by the movement of the wind.
  • Tidal energy is obtained by taking advantage of the tides and their movement.
  • We must also consider geothermal energy, which is obtained by taking advantage of the heat located in the earth’s interior.
  • It is possible to obtain energy through organic matter. This type of energy is known as biomass energy.
  • Finally, as a result of the processing of certain vegetable products and oils, we have Bioethanol and Biodiesel.

Important: the use of these renewable energies not only does not pollute, but also has the advantage of helping us to clean up everything we have polluted in the past.

Reasons to make the switch to renewable energy right now

These are the most important reasons to make the switch:

1) Energy that does not run out

The main reason to use renewable energies is that, unlike fossil fuels, renewable energies do not run out

This means that they can be used as much as needed, since we are not going to run out of them. 

For example, even if we install a disproportionate number of solar panels, the sun will continue to shine. In the same way, there will still be wind, even if we have a land with an endless number of windmills.

2) They do not pollute

Another reason to switch to clean energy is that it does not pollute. They do not produce greenhouse gases or other emissions that pollute the environment.

By making the switch we are aligning ourselves in the fight against climate change, preventing the planet’s resources from being overexploited and leaving sequels that can never be healed.

By using these energies we are healing our planet, achieving a much purer and less polluted air. Betting on these energies is an investment in health.

However, the technologies that allow us to take advantage of nature’s energy have a certain impact on the ecosystem. For example, solar panels occupy a large part of the landscape, as do windmills. However, considering the advantages they offer us, and how they reduce the pollution of the planet, they are very cost-effective.

3) Reduced dependence on fossil fuels

As we have already mentioned throughout this article, the days of fossil fuels are limited. They may not run out overnight, but there will come a time when they will.

The cost of natural energy generation is much lower than that of renewable energy generation. So, in the long run, the change contributes to savings.

The figures prove that we are on the road to change.

We still have a long way to go, but in Spain we are on track to make the transition to renewable energies.

According to data provided by REE (an acronym for Red Eléctrica de España), around 36% of all energy generated at the end of 2019 came from renewables. In addition, about 60% of the energy generated was free of polluting elements such as CO2. The preferred clean energies in our country are wind and voltaic.

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