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Classic Pieces in Wholesale Women’s Clothing

When it comes to wholesale women’s clothing, blouses, trousers, tunics, skirts and dresses are at the top of the list of products each seller researches. When these pieces, which are the main elements of many different and stylish combinations, are produced from quality fabrics, shopping becomes more profitable.

Kaktüs Moda, which uses high quality fabrics in every wholesale women’s clothing product it produces with this awareness, is one of the favorite brands of retail sellers. Every women’s clothing product designed at Kaktüs Moda is produced with fabrics suitable for the season and skin health. Kaktüs Moda, which prepares designs in line with the trends of each season and keeps its stocks up-to-date, provides an advantage to boutique sellers. It makes wholesale women’s clothing shopping enjoyable with its payment facilities, discounts and various purchasing options.

Kaktüs Moda is one of the most reliable addresses where you can find the latest fashion classic clothing items that every woman should have in her closet.

Wholesale Blouse Models

Blouses , one of the most preferred women’s clothing products, are offered for sale in Kaktüs Moda with a wide range of models and colors. You can find many models such as ruffled collar blouse, crop blouse, turtleneck blouse, elasticated blouse, wide sleeve blouse, bat sleeve blouse, relaxed fit blouse, blouse with tie detail on the back, blouse with front shirring and many more in this collection.

High-quality fabrics are used in the production of women’s wholesale blouse models. These fabric types include fabrics such as melange, jesica, chiffon, and aerobin. You can visit Kaktüs Moda to examine quality wholesale blouse models that prevent wear and tear problems by allowing long-lasting use. Here, you can also benefit from discounts and advantageous purchasing options for wholesale blouse models.

Wholesale Women’s Pants Models

Allowing you to create both a comfortable and stylish style, wholesale women’s trousers models are offered for sale at Kaktüs Moda with new designs every season. These models are designed with different fabrics in accordance with all seasons and environments. Wholesale women’s trousers models provide freedom of movement and comfort to the user with their flexible structure that does not sweat. You can easily find products that will appeal to your customer base among the wholesale women’s trousers models with a wide selection of colors.

Wholesale Tunic Models

Wholesale tunic  models, which are frequently preferred in hijab women’s clothing as well as classical women’s wear, have a wide selection of models at Kaktüs Moda. Kaktüs Moda, which produces according to the season and skin health, prefers viscose , jesica , chiffon and linen fabric types in wholesale tunic models . The wholesale tunics, designed in different shapes such as ruffle collar, iron buckle, pocket detail, lace, oversize / wide mold, loose fit, comfortable fit, can be used in many combinations in almost every season. In the wholesale tunic category, you can find products in various patterns and models, suitable for fashion trends.

Wholesale Skirt Models

in combinations for all four seasons , are offered for sale at Kaktüs Moda with pieces that can be combined harmoniously . These products, which are designed with different fabrics to minimize the effect of seasonal conditions on women, are quite stylish. In our Wholesale tunic, fabrics that prioritize comfort are used, such as channel woven fabric, lycra knitted fabric, aerobin fabric, printed fabric, denim fabric reflecting the jeans fashion. These very high quality fabrics minimize problems such as sweating and wear. Among the wholesale skirt models, you can find varieties such as flounced skirts, pleated skirts, denim skirts, leather skirts, ruffled skirts, midi length skirts, shirred skirts, elastic skirts, slit skirts, waist detailed skirts, pleated skirts, pocket detailed skirts and more.

Wholesale Dress Models

One of the wholesale women’s clothing products that are suitable for wearing in all seasons is dresses. Wholesale dress offered in a wide range of models and colors at Kaktus Moda are produced in comfortable patterns. Summer wholesale dress models are designed with seasonal fabrics and vibrant colors. These summer wholesale dresses do not cause sweating thanks to their airy structure. Thanks to its durable fabric, it is suitable for frequent washing; There is no color change in the fabric. In winter wholesale dress models, thick and dense fabrics that provide protection against cold weather are preferred.

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