Clash of the Metaverses: Decentraland, Sandbox and TipsyVerse

Why are new crypto-currencies even created nowadays when there are already so many? The answer, at least for TipsyCoin, is to put some pressure on Decentraland and Sandbox.

TipsyCoin was incepted with the idea that the strongest friendships are built through music, food and drinks. Being tipsy makes people happy and we can all vouch for that after having had a few drinks at some point of our life. With a hyper-deflationary mechanism, TipsyCoin (created using a secret recipe by penguins) has a maximum finite supply of 100 billion $tipsy and no more of it can ever be made. The project wanted to utilize blockchain to promote transparency while incentivizing hodlers to develop a close and tight bond. That is why they offer rewards to holders through the simplest mechanism possible: there is no need to deposit your $tipsy anywhere. Leave $tipsy in your wallet and watch your $tipsy balance grow because when other people sell, they pay a tax and a portion of it is distributed to the other holders within the ecosystem. There is no tax when you want to buy $tipsy though, because they want to welcome you to their tipsy family.

TipsyCoin’s developers are not complacent; their contracts are innovatively coded from scratch and they have a strong commitment to security. We noticed audits, liquidity pool time-locks and their team’s allocation that is vested for a year. Even though the project team is anonymous, they seem to have a solid backing and infrastructure in place, and have even executed Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.

$tipsy will have an incredible utility beyond being part of a growing community. The project is unveiling TipsyVerse – a game that is designed to be the Vegas of the metaverse and that will be compatible with top Virtual Reality headsets that technology can offer. In this game (that will offer impressive graphics), players will be able to customize their character with various clothes and accessories. They can buy land and build homes, and purchase various forms of transportation. All of these are not consumables, but assets that come in the form of NFTs. These digital assets (NFTs) have varying rarities and they are all individually numbered and identifiable, and will stay with the player forever in their wallet. This opens up the possibility of trading and profiting from such NFTs, especially the rarer ones. 

A Bloomberg study revealed that “Real-world real estate is very uncertain now,” said Janine Yorio, head of Republic Real Estate. “Housing prices are at an all-time high. Meanwhile, offices are empty, hotels are empty. This feels insulated from a lot of those real-world risks.” With digital real estate expected to soar in adoption, Decentraland and Sandbox has some serious competition.

And why would anyone want the NFTs of TipsyVerse? Because in the Vegas of the metaverse, players can foster new relationships, make friends and even get married, all while remaining anonymous on Earth. To simulate real-life pursuits, there will be casinos bustling with roulette games, baccarat, poker and slot machines. And then there are adrenaline-pumping activities including skiing, water rafting, go-karting, skydiving and scuba diving. Players can practice to hone their skills, enter leaderboard rankings and compete, and bag some $tipsy if they win. Welcome to the future. Property values will only rise as more people join TipsyVerse.

There’s all of that, and TipsyCoin’s mission to make the world a better place. TipsyCoin has saved 81 African kids and adopted 50 penguins, all before even launching. Their project integrates simplicity across the entire ecosystem, including the use of just one currency ($tipsy) that serves as wealth preservation, an investment, and the utility of procuring NFTs in TipsyVerse.

In conclusion, while Decentraland lacks multiple terrains for example, and the graphics for both Decentraland and Sandbox are limited (due to their games loading on a browser), TipsyVerse will be a downloadable game (exe file) with a low-poly style, friendly graphics that will not embarrass the 21st century. We are expected to see a variety of possibilities in TipsyVerse including cosmic-living, deserts, and we hear rumors that there may be an underwater city. According to, more than $300 million worth of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were sold in the first week of December alone. We expect gamers to flock to TipsyVerse and digital property sales to set new records. TipsyCoin is launching in the first quarter of 2022 and while the date has not been set yet, their website offers comprehensive updates. The only risk in this project is that when one enters late, they may only make a 100x profit instead of a 5000x profit should they participate during the launch date itself.

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