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City Traders Imperium Review 2023

City Traders Imperium Review

If you’re thinking about becoming a day trader, you may have heard of Proprietary Trading or prop trading, which involves a firm investing its own capital in financial markets instead of using its clients’ money. City Traders Imperium (‘CTI’) is one such prop firm that provides traders with capital to trade on the firm’s behalf, along with a variety of trading education programs and proprietary trading partnerships.

While City Traders Imperium shares similarities with other prop firms, it offers a great deal of useful resources to assist both seasoned, and newer traders in their trading journey. In this City Traders Imperium review, we’ll take a closer look at this platform, the available funding programs and help you decide whether it’s worth your time.

Firstly, is it legit?

CTI boasts an impressive online trust score.  This coupled with many positive online user accounts, and resources like the thorough City Traders Imperium Review by, make a clear statement that CTI is legit.

  • Over 819 reviews on Trust Pilot
  • Overall rating of 4.8 or 96%
  • Numerous articles, blog posts and reviews available online

City Traders Imperium Trust Pilot Reviews

Basic Overview:

City Traders Imperium is more than just your run of the mill prop trading company. CTI takes it a step further by offering complimentary consultations to traders. During these consults, a professional will assess your psychological profile and provide an analysis of how it affects your trading performance, highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to the consultation, there is also an opportunity for mentoring from Daniel Martin himself, which is offered free of charge, however, this is only available to “the most committed and passionate traders”.

CTI offers funded trading programs to provide traders with additional resources to improve their trading capabilities. These programs cover a broad range of risk entry points and are appealing to a wide range of traders, regardless of skill and experience.

  • CTI Challenge

City Traders Imperium offers a 90-day, 2-phase, Day Trading Challenge that allows traders to trade forex, indices, and commodities with various account funding levels ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. The challenge requires a one-time payment of £109 to £479, depending on your selected plan. The growth target is 15% (10%+5%), with a max absolute drawdown of 10%, and a minimum active trading day requirement of 10 days.

  • Evaluation

Traders can take either the Classic or Standard evaluation challenge, which requires a minimum of 30 active trading days, a stop loss risk of 1.5% per position, and a max loss limit of 5%. The Classic evaluation sets a profit target of 7% and provides 12 months to complete the challenge, while the Standard evaluation sets a profit target of 9% and provides 6 months to complete the challenge. The chosen plan costs a one-time payment of £109 to £659.

  • Direct Funding

Direct Funding is an option for experienced traders who don’t want to go through the evaluation process. For a one-time payment of £1,059 to £3,649, traders will start with an initial account balance of $20,000 to $70,000, which doubles every time they increase their account by 10% – up to a cap of $4 million. The absolute drawdown is based on the initial account balance, so it remains constant even as the account balance grows. Direct Funding offers weekly pay outs and the opportunity to trade right away, making it a good option for those confident in their trading skills.

Challenge Evaluation Direct Funding
Account Starting Balance $10K-$100K $10K-$70K

($2,5K-$17,5K during evaluation)

Growth Target 15% 7-9% 10%
Evaluation Time Limits 45+45 Days 6-12 Months N/A
Withdraw Profits in Crypto? Yes Yes Yes
Once-Off Cost £109-£479 £109-£659 £1,059-£3,649

Trading Resources

Not only does City Traders Imperium provide a program for all trading levels, it also offers traders access to a wide range of resources, and one-on-one mentoring for beginners who want to fast-track their success as high-performance traders. CTI also offer a Build Your Edge – Trading Psychology program to help traders master their trading psychology and improve their trading discipline.

Bank Level Trading:

  • Learn Smart Money Concepts Trading and Catch High Risk to Reward Setups
  • Combines Smart Money Concepts, Wave Theory, and Wyckoff with a pattern refinement technique

The STT Strategy

  • A powerful swing trading strategy that delivers high-risk rewards pre-breakouts
  • Uses triangle formations for explosive continuation entries

The CS Strategy

  • Learn a systematic strategy that targets institutional liquidity zones with exceptional precision entries
  • A blueprint for trading consistency that takes advantage of aggressive corrections for both intraday and swing trading

Learn to Trade Forex for Beginners

  • One-to-one mentoring for beginners who want to fast-track their success as high-performance traders
  • Book a discovery call to achieve a paradigm shift and become a high-performance trader

Build Your Edge – Trading Psychology

  • Master your trading psychology and improve your trading discipline
  • Mental battles can lead to blown-up funded accounts for even the most skilled traders.

Final Thoughts: City Traders Imperium Review

Overall, City Traders Imperium is 100% the real deal. CTI have provided a reliable trading platform with a strong online reputation and plenty of useful and informative online resources.

It’s suitable for experienced traders wanting to engage in prop trading due to its relatively low fees and high leverage. Newer traders will also benefit from the wide variety of resources provided by CTI.

CTI is a great option for those interested in trading forex, indices, and commodities.

Need some more info? Check out additional online resources on City Traders Imperium

If you’re a trader and are ready to take the next step in your career, click here to start your funded trading journey with City Traders Imperium today.

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