CII National Committee on Water (NCW) invites Tsur Ben David

Leaders that create impressive solutions in any field have been remembered for a long while. Today, India is among the biggest contributors in the world in finding revolutionary ways to achieve sustainability goals. With prominent leaders like Tsur Ben David , the water and energy industry is able to offer optimized solutions for water treatments that eliminate chemicals completely.

Tsur ben David Prominent Leader

With the objective to promote water conservation and efficient use to enhance the industry’s competitiveness, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has recently composite the National Committee on Water for FY 22-23. The Core Group is comprised of a total of 63 industry leaders having in-depth knowledge to identify strategies for integrated water management.

All the members of this committee will work together as a team to create awareness for demand management, accountability and liability of stakeholders in the Indian urban water space. The committee has extended its invitation to the famous business leader and energetic entrepreneur Tsur Ben David which is a wise and strategic move to accelerate the development plan of the Model Water Policy for the state government.

Having a team of extremely sharp minds, Tsur Ben David is famous for creating effective solutions that can be used to eliminate chemical use and cooling system, while saving water and avoiding key cooling ailments such as fouling, scaling, corrosion and bacterial growth. The CEO of CET Enviro Pvt. Ltd. is famous for setting benchmarks in the field of the water and energy industry. Under his leadership, the company provided solutions to leading companies from various verticals, including ITC, Taj, Dr Reddy’s, Cognizant, Honeywell, Phoenix Malls. 

He is a prominent player in the business and is known for implementing innovative and cutting-edge environment-friendly solutions to improve the water’s quality for the end-uses. To achieve sustainability goals, the passionate entrepreneur and his team are currently working on creating green eco-friendly solutions so that our future generations can get better earth. 

To reach out for the decision of involving Tsur Ben David in the core group, CII has made special interactions with renowned thought leaders like Dr Mihir Shah, Chairman of the National Water Policy Committee. All these brilliant minds in the water and energy field have suggested to CII that the involvement of David in the committee will effectively work in expanding the network of the Model State Water Policy with more selected states wherever the policy does not exist.

According to them, having Tsur Ben David on the team will ensure in development of benchmarks/rating systems for the industry. It will also raise awareness and build capacities for monitoring and measuring progress on key indicators for various units. With thought leaders like David, the major objective of CII is to introduce new communities in the involvement of managing water resources will be served in a better way.

Moreover, David holds a sharp vision to quickly analyze the obstacles in establishing best practices in urban water management and can suggest the best ideas to overcome those effects. In his core industrial operations too, he goes along with the initiative of ‘save the environment and hence, it’s good to have an effective and passionate business leader in the team to achieve the objectives of the committee.

At the conference held on Urban Water Management in September 2021, CII members discussed various issues in the urban water space in India. Based on these interactions, the members of the secretariat have decided to make a compilation of National and International best practices in urban water management. To implement these practices, the members have suggested the names of some business leaders who should be involved in the core group. Recommendations were made on the name of Tsur Ben David Entrepreneur to sensitize and create awareness on being water neutral.

David is instrumental in bringing the Israel-based technology for cooling systems and opening a full-fledged unit in India. With over three decades of rich experience in holding management positions in the energy and water industries, the Israel-based entrepreneur has emerged as a forerunner in nurturing a strong leadership team to drive his execution. Leaders like David are more than just a name in the industry as they’ve brought the most advanced, well-proven, and nature-friendly innovative technologies into the market.

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