Chrome HTML Document to PDF Conversion: A Comprehensive How-To Guide

Converting Chrome HTML documents to PDF has become an integral part of various digital workflows due to its significance in preserving web content, facilitating easy sharing, and ensuring information accessibility. As the web continues to evolve, the need to capture web pages in a portable and consistent format has surged.Chrome HTML to PDF conversion, particularly third-party platforms or application, holds immense importance for several reasons. That said, this article will discuss the steps you need to do to convert HTML to PDF on your browser and a robust alternative solution.

WondersharePDFelement: Chrome File to PDF Converter and Editor

The significance of converting Chrome HTML to PDF lies in its capacity to bridge the gap between the dynamic online world and static, easily shareable documents, thereby streamlining information management and enhancing accessibility.

Converting Chrome HTML webpages into PDFs is a simple task, easily accessible for users of all levels, whether new or experienced. PDFelement stands out as a multifaceted software for handling PDFs, and it emerges as an invaluable tool for converting HTML to PDF for multiple reasons. Its intuitive interface accommodates both novices and seasoned users, ensuring that the conversion process from HTML to PDF remains effortlessly accessible. Furthermore, the Wondershare conversion tool excels in providing precise conversions, meticulously conserving the original layout and formatting of webpages. Its array of customization options empowers users to tailor page size, orientation, and margins, catering to specific formatting requirements.

A Step-By-Step Guide on PDFelement’s Create Feature

Here is a tutorial showcasing PDFelement’s process for converting a Chrome HTML document into a PDF.

  • Open WondersharePDFelement application

Note: You must have a Wondershare account to proceed with this method.

  • After opening PDFelement, click the +symbol on the top left corner of the interface and clickFrom HTML.

pdfelement open html


  • A new dialogue box will prompt you to insert the website URL to convert to PDF.Once entered, click Create to start the HTML to PDF conversion.

search html website on pdfelement


  • After creation, your HTML will be converted to an editable PDF format.


  • If you want to proofread and translate the converted HTML file, use WondersharePDFelement’s AI feature by clicking AI Tools in the toolbar.

pdfelement ai tools

  • You can save your work by clicking Save button on the top left corner of the user interface.
  • You can also print your PDF file readily by clicking the Print button.


save print html pdf file


A Step-By-Step Guide on PDFelement’sOCR Feature

Another way to save HTMLs as PDFs is through the use of PDFelement’s OCR feature.The Optical Character Recognition can be used to convert a physical paper document, or an image into an accessible electronic version with text. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Launch WondersharePDFelement. Click the + button on the top left of the screen.
  • Select From HTML and enter the desired URL Website of the page you want to convert into PDF.

pdfelement open html

search html website on pdfelement

  • Click the OCR feature on the tool bar to proceed with the conversion of HTML to PDF.

search html website on pdfelement

  • Click Save create a converted PDF file.

search html website on pdfelement

  • A dialogue box will prompt you to edit your preferences including scan for editable text, page range, and language recognition.
  • Procced by clicking

search html website on pdfelement

  • Once the PDF file has been saved you can now proceed editing the document.

search html website on pdfelement


A Comprehensive Guide on HTML to PDF Conversion Using Chrome

Within Google Chrome, converting a webpage to a PDF requires just a few clicks.Here’s a quick comprehensive guide on how you can use your Chrome browser to create PDFs from HTMLs:

Step 1. Open the HTML file in Chrome

  • Start by opening your desired website in Chrome. Once the page has loaded, click the three dots on the top right corner of the browser and choose Print.

chrome print setting

Step 2. Print Chrome HTML to PDF

  • Upon clicking Print the print setting will show. Under Destination, select your Save as PDF.
  • You can then, set the desired layout of your PDF before clicking the Save

chrome save print as pdf

Step 3. Open PDF saved file

  • Once the download is complete, you can now open your converted HTML to PDF file on your file explorer and choose your preferred PDF viewer/editor.

open saved html pdf file


PDFelement for Chrome HTML to PDF Conversion Benefits

PDFelement offers a plethora of powerful features that go beyond mere conversion. Its comprehensive page management capabilities empower users to not only convert webpages into PDFs but also manipulate and enhance them further. Here’s how PDFelement stands out:

File Optimization and Compression

It optimizes PDFs without compromising quality, effectively reducing file sizes while maintaining crispness, which is crucial for efficient storage and sharing.

Content Editing

With its intuitive interface, you can seamlessly edit text, images, and links within the PDF. This flexibility allows for corrections or updates without disrupting the document’s original layout.

Flexible Creation

PDFelement doesn’t just convert webpages; it’s a robust PDF creator. It enables the creation of new PDF documents from scratch or by converting various file formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Annotation Tools

Collaboration becomes effortless with annotation tools. Adding comments, notes, highlights, and drawings fosters efficient communication and easy feedback sharing.

AI-Powered Search and Redaction

Its AI-driven functionality intelligently identifies and redacts sensitive information, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations without manual effort.

PDF Translation

PDFelement’s cutting-edge AI translation feature seamlessly translates PDF documents into various languages. This enhances global communication by making content accessible to a broader audience.


Converting HTML to PDF via WondersharePDFelement simplifies web content preservation across devices by expertly retaining visual elements and layout. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless transition from Chrome HTML to PDF without compromising quality. Beyond conversion, PDFelement offers a comprehensive suite of editing, annotating, securing, and sharing tools, streamlining document workflows by consolidating multiple functions into one platform. WondersharePDFelement simplifies HTML to PDF conversion by ensuring content integrity and accessibility while providing an efficient, all-in-one document management solution.


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