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Christian DesLauriers Explains How AI Can Benefit Businesses

Artificial intelligence can have a huge impact on a business’s bottom line. With AI, processes can be completed automatically, and human work hours can be saved for areas where they are truly needed. AI is an exciting field because it points toward the technical potential hidden in our future. Christian DesLauriers, an attorney and entrepreneur, presents the ways in which artificial intelligence can help businesses grow. 

Automating Manufacturing Processes

AI is a major advantage for manufacturing firms. While robotics has been used in manufacturing for several years, giving them AI capabilities means that they need less supervision from human operators and that they can perform their duties more efficiently. Sophisticated sensors such as LIDAR can be used to give the AI better “eyes” to judge what is going on and plan its next movements. 

When a manufacturing business uses AI robotics, they will be able to change the composition of their employee base. Businesses can move away from production line employees and toward AI and robotics technicians. There are some processes which are still too delicate or difficult for a machine to complete, so there will be a need for humans on the manufacturing line for several years to come. 

Warehouse Functions

The largest warehouse and distribution companies are beginning to use AI to drive vehicles that pick products off the shelves and deliver them to the shipping station. These AI machines take the heavy burden of picking and transporting merchandise and give more time for human employees to spend on administrative tasks. 

Warehouse functions are used in many different industries, from manufacturing to retail. This innovation can help a large number of businesses grow. 

Customer Service

Anyone who has used the live chat functionality on a website may have already communicated with an AI system. Chatbots are becoming more and more sophisticated and able to handle many customer service functions. 

Businesses appreciate that their employees’ time is saved for more involved inquiries, while consumers enjoy the quick responsiveness of an AI chatbot. These systems are not yet sophisticated enough to handle complex problems, but they can handle a chat up until the point where a human needs to step in, then alert an available human representative. 

Digital Assistants

In a similar function to chatbots, the digital personal assistant such as Siri, Cortana, and Alexa is built on AI. These systems are more sophisticated than chatbots and are given the power to complete tasks on other systems. For example, with home automation technology, a user can ask the personal assistant to change the lighting or temperature settings in the home. 

These systems have not been perfected. There is significant room for these technologies to grow. They present the beginnings of how AI can be used in the home every day. 

Digital Marketing

AI systems have become an important part of digital marketing techniques, especially in social media and entertainment. AI engines can provide recommendations for users and personalize their news feeds, prioritizing which information the user finds the most relevant. AI can help to target ads to certain customers and analyze customer data. 

AI technology streamlines the process of personalizing a social media or entertainment platform. The algorithms need to be kept in constant development, as human users are always pushing systems to their limits. 

AI in Medicine

AI can also help medical providers do their jobs more efficiently. AI can be used to digitally analyze diagnostic images, helping physicians focus on the most important aspects of the test. AI can guide robotic surgery. It can also be used to facilitate telemedicine, or treatment from a distance. 

The Potential of AI

Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly. New applications for this technology frequently come to the market. Businesses in all sectors should be aware of how AI can help them streamline their processes, save money, and provide an enhanced customer experience. Christian DesLauriers encourages all businesses to find areas where they can profit from using AI.

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