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Chris Shihadeh And The 3 Keys To Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Chris Shihadeh, the President of his own digital marketing agency in Arizona, knows how important digital marketing is for all businesses; small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large corporations depend upon digital marketing campaigns to supplement any print or store-front advertising. 

According to Chris Shihadeh, most of your customers will likely find your business by doing a Google search. Even those customers that are in your community! So, to increase customer acquisition, retain your existing customers, and generate more B2B leads, Chris Shihadeh suggests the following 3 keys that are critical to your digital marketing efforts.

3 Digital Marketing Strategies

Create an authoritative digital website

Suppose you want your website to appear on the first page of Google search results. In that case, you must have an authoritative digital website that will answer users’ queries and contain the appropriate keywords for your line of products or services.

The top search results are where customers click to follow through. An authoritative website will rank high on search engine results and will increase your site’s credibility, according to Chris Shihadeh. The money invested in hiring a digital marketing firm to create an SEO-optimized website will not only result in inbound links and relevant content. Still, it will also be a healthy website that doesn’t slow down or crash.

Establish a social media presence

In today’s digital world, every brand should have a social media presence that can leverage the power of millions of online users every day. Your social media presence allows you to connect with potential and existing consumers, effectively joining a community or network of individuals using or looking to use our services or products.

Chris Shihadeh suggests that your social media is similar to a business lunch in the past – except you’re connecting with clients at a grander and global scale. 

Research target keywords and buyer persona

It would be a waste of time and too cumbersome if your social media and digital website attempted to attract every possible population, so narrowing down your buyer’s persona is important. Look at your clients’ or customers’ demographics, including gender, age, zip code, marital status, income level, or education. 

Once you’ve identified your buyer’s persona, you can include the target keywords that relate your business to their preferences. Without target keywords directed at your buyer’s persona, Chris Shihadeh likens your business website to a rudderless vessel – floating aimlessly in cyberspace without a clear direction or destination.

Before changing your current digital marketing, Chris Shihadeh suggests you define what goals and objectives you desire your website to fulfill. Next, research your market sector to learn about your potential customers and what products and values they prefer.

Finally, always keep your digital marketing efforts up-to-date and focused on your fields of specialization or specific product lines. Nothing turns off a consumer more than reaching a website with outdated or unimportant information.

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