Chris Hodges, Pastor for Church of the Highlands, Discusses Leadership Traits for High-Capacity Leaders

High-capacity leaders are the ones who separate themselves from the pack and do things that most people could only imagine. Pastor Chris Hodges, founder of Church of the Highlands, says that people who are characterized as high-capacity leaders learn the skills that make them such over many years.

They may look at the world differently from others, but their lived experiences have shaped their ability to do so. And while these specific experiences are different from one high-capacity leader to the next, most have similar basic traits that keep them going.

Their Motivation

High-capacity leaders are motivated in a way that others simply are not. They not only have a drive for success, but they never lose sight of their focus.

One major thing that separates these leaders from others is the ability to distinguish between time management and energy management. Energy, after all, is not a vitamin you take. It’s a byproduct of the fulfillment of your passion. As Hodges says, what drives you is that which you believe is important to do.

“Energy doesn’t come from success or a passion for success,” says Pastor Hodges, from Church of the Highlands. “It comes from significance — when we know that we are a vessel that is creating something significant.”

As such, high-capacity leaders are able to clearly recognize and define what it is that is driving them to see results, and then take that vision and manage the process to the end.

Their Wisdom

Artificial intelligence is changing the way the world works, but one thing will never be artificial — wisdom. High-capacity leaders gain wisdom from their learned experiences. It’s visceral and resides in their hearts and their soul. Their behaviors, thoughts and activities are energized by success.

Pastor Chris says that high-capacity leaders strive daily to multiply their talents and skills in innovative ways to help as many people as they can — whether in a church, a business, at home or in the community at large.

Their Energy Management

Energy is what drives everything for high-capacity leaders. It’s what enables them to keep going through their busy days, to handle all they do and to accomplish things that others could only dream of.

And while energy is much different than time, it must be managed. Hodges says that high-capacity leaders are able to manage each of the different components of energy.

One is a time component, breaking down hours into minutes so they can properly dedicate their time to everything that needs their attention. Many wake up in the morning early, work exercise into their routine and also set aside time for quiet self-reflection.

They keep things short and to the point without seeming dismissive and inattentive. And they always respond to those who seek their guidance.

High-capacity leaders are understanding of what they want in life, and while they may not have the exact answers on how they can get it, they have the traits to see it through.

About Pastor Chris Hodges

Pastor Chris Hodges, best known as the founding and senior pastor of Church of the Highlands, a life-giving church with multiple campuses across Alabama and Georgia. He also is passionate about launching and equipping other local churches through his co-founding of the Association of Related Churches (ARC) and founding of GrowLeader, a coaching network that trains and equips pastors and churches globally. He is also Chancellor Highlands College, a ministry training school committed to launching students into full-time ministry careers. Chris is a devoted family man, happily married to Tammy and proud father of five children in Birmingham, Alabama.

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