Choosing The Right Technology To Scale

The Right Technology To Scale

The software you choose can be one of the most amazing things you have in your start-up, but technology can provide the support and structure you need as you scale too. 

What is business scaling?

Scaling your business is the process of setting frameworks up to support your company’s growth. Often when businesses grow, there can be bottlenecks. Using a combination of the right outsourcing, software, teams, and technology, you can create an ideal environment for growth. 

How do you know you are ready to scale your business?

You can use some key indicators to recognize when your business is ready to start scaling. 

  • You have to turn down business once or more because you don’t have the capacity to tackle the work. 
  • You have surpassed all of the goals that you had previously set for your business.
  • Your business concept is now proven, but more than that, you have a reliable infrastructure in place.
  • You know that there is minimal risk to your business now.
  • The profit margin has widened and been steady, and you have several repeat clients or sales (this helps to predict future revenue). 

How to choose the right technology to scale

There are some technologies that are tried and true for almost all businesses during their scaling and growth. 


If your business is global – that is to say you have remote hires, and some processes are also spread remotely – then the cloud is one of the critical elements of your scaling. 

You need to have the suitable bandwidth and infrastructure to support a cloud option that offers your team access to what they need. 

Working remotely isn’t just something that is nice to have; it is one of the key ways that you can increase what you do – and offer critical roles to those who are highly qualified but not close by. 

Choose IT services that can offer you a bespoke package that factors in your stage of scaling – and ask how they can facilitate your needs as you grow. 

Stay Ahead

When you are creating a framework for your scaling, you need to know what your potential pressure points will be. Where is the workload going to hit hardest? You need to future-proof those areas and make sure that those teams or that person have access to software and systems that can make it easy to manage. 

Look at what systems you do have; are they going to limit your capabilities? How difficult would they be to change? 

Customer support

Customer support can make or break a company, and if your quality starts to slip as you grow, you need to consider customer service technology. Your social media will often be the first point of contact, but you need to have agents available too. 

Outsourcing your customer services can allow you to run your business 24/7. Look specifically at chatbots, VoIP options, and Whatsapp For Business. 

Project Management 

The bigger you grow, the more you are going to personally require tools to help you manage everything that is going on. To maximize your own productivity, it is a good idea to find a project management suite that works for your needs.

Here are some great options for project management software (and always look for those that have tier payment systems so you can predict what you’ll need to pay as you grow). 

  • Teamwork is intuitive and has a great list of features; it is better for teams that handle client work. 
  • Zoho Projects is ideal for smaller teams that are growing and offers a low-cost PM option.
  • PHProofhub is a simple option, has a range of great core features, and is well priced for small teams.
  • Wrike is an option, but you’ll likely need to talk with their customer services to get up and running.

Intelligent scaling means predicting how the growth of your company will look and assessing where the weak spots might be within your company. Your technology will be able to help you navigate those more challenging areas. 

It can also be challenging to decide if you should be hiring full-time or you should be looking for smaller gap-filler contracts. When it comes to adding more people to your team, consider the long-term costs and if freelancers would be more beneficial to your efforts. 

Technology can be your most significant and most cost-effective asset for preparing your business for its future, but it is always essential to prepare ahead of time to get everything ready. 

It’s not just your business process that needs to be ready; you’ll need to work on your funnels too: How to Create Your Funnel to Encourage Business Growth – TechBullion.

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