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Choosing the Right Investment, Advice Piece by DJL Jonathan Lim

Want to invest but not sure if it’s the right thing to do or not? Here’s what millionaire investor DJL has to say about it.

Investing is never easy. Whether spending the money on a property or saving for your future, investing can make or break your bank balance. Those that have saved up extra cash want to be sure of the soundest investment possible – and that’s where DJL Jonathan Lim comes in.

DJL Jonathan Lim is a huge name in his native Malaysia, where he is one of the biggest social media influencers in the country. Before you scroll away, though, know that his influencer status was all but an accident resulting from his fame as a business mogul. He has hundreds of thousands of followers, all of whom rely on him for business and motivational advice.

A Little DJL History

DJL Jonathan Lim was introduced to the world of IT at the tender age of 26. He worked hard, eventually graduating to work on telecommunications and mass media instead. As a natural progression, he ultimately moved on to the property sector, but not before making his first million at 32 and increasing it to 10 million at the age of 35. 

Now 37, DJL Jonathan Lim runs a successful YouTube channel where he advises other investment businesses on where to bet their money. He has amassed a considerable following, become a motivational speaker, consults with large firms, and represents Malaysia in flawlessly tailored suits globally.

With all of that success under his belt, choosing suitable investments for his investment firm is one of his daily tasks. Here are his thoughts on how to negotiate investments correctly without getting let down.

How to Choose a Good Investment

Here are some of DJL Jonathan Lim’s top tips to ensure that you make a sound investment with your money.

1 – Don’t be a “Yes” man

If you have fifty proposals crossing your desk a day, the best way to narrow them down is to go with your gut. Similarly, if you are about to buy a property and get a bad feeling about it, trust that instinct. 

Unless the investment conjures a 100% yes from you, ignore it and find another place to put your money. Your gut usually notices things that you don’t, little bits and pieces that don’t feel right. Go with your heart first and your head second, and you won’t go far wrong.

2 – Consider Long Term over Short Term

Usually, the businesses that pay nothing in ROI in the short term do better long time. Long-term returns are generally bigger, with more staying power once they are entrenched in their niche. 

If you continually invest with the short term in mind, you will always be making small changes. Invest a long time, and you will make more.

3 – Invest in things you know about

If you have a career as a restaurateur, investing in a car garage isn’t a great idea. Invest in things you know about, and it will be easier on yourself long term.

Other Advice from DJL Jonathan Lim

DJL Jonathan Lim gives out tons of advice on his pages every day. Find him on Instagram or YouTube if you don’t already follow him on Facebook for more.

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