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Choosing a Proper Conference Calling Service in Canada

Imagine you have a client in Mexico and a supplier in India, all while your business is in Toronto, Canada. To connect with your suppliers and clients using a phone call can be expensive due to roaming and cross-border changes in call rates. Traveling to them is also very expensive as you will have to incur airfare, per-diem, hotels, and travel time. Conference call services have made meetings more productive while eliminating the need for meeting physically. Many businesses in Canada have chosen conference calling as the best alternative to in-person meetings. They eliminate all the costs above. Because conference calling is most times a VoIP service, you can call over the internet. Thus, even the call rates are lower than having a regular call.

Are you an entrepreneur in need of conference call services Canada? You may also be a family having a family call or meeting virtually. Then you are in the right place. In this post, we will consider enlisting conference call services in Canada and their benefits. We will also look at some of the well-known providers of conference calling services in Canada. But first, what are the factors to consider before you subscribe to or buy a conference calling service.

Features to consider before you choose a conference calling service

Mobile login

Many people today use smartphones to access the internet. Therefore, it only makes sense that the conference calling solution you choose should be accessible from a smartphone. It ensures that no users are locked out from accessing the service during the conference call. Often, conference call services Canada has customized mobile applications. However, ensure that the solution has an application for the platforms people mostly use as iOS and Android.

Document sharing

The entire purpose of a conference calling service is to facilitate meetings and conferences between workers, executives, and individuals. These meetings involve presentations and demonstrations. The conference calling solution should have a feature of document sharing. Through this, there is a real-time collaboration among the executives, employees, or individuals. Thus, they can easily follow the presentation.

Global reach

You may be an executive in a multinational conglomerate or seeking to expand into other countries. You may also have relatives in other countries. Thus, it is vital to inquire if the solution that you are buying has international capabilities. Is it licensed to operate in those countries? While many conference call services in Canada are global, others only operate in Canada and the US.

Multiple presenters

The conference calling solution should allow you to switch between different presenters based on the stage of the presentation. In any conference, we have over one user making the presentation. Thus, this is among the most vital features to consider.

Does the service limit the number of participants?

The other vital feature to consider before choosing a conference calling solution is the number of participants that the solution allows. In Canada, some conference call services allow only five attendees, while others allow 400 users in a single conference call. Therefore, based on the size of your organization, ensure that your choice of solution meets the requirements.


The most foregone feature in a conference calling service is privacy. Many people and businesses trade off the coast versus privacy.

Thus, they end up using free conference calling software. We do not mean they do not offer privacy, but a premium solution ensures better features than free stuff. Therefore, before choosing the conference calling solution in Canada, ensure that it is secure and offers privacy to the attendees. You do not want to be hit by heavy fines from GDPR suits by your clients.

After considering all the above factors or features, ask yourself, is this the right conference calling solution for me? If it is, subscribe and if it is not, select from the next one. Making the right choice of conferencing service has many benefits to a business, as we will see below.

Benefits of a conferencing calling

It saves your company some money

With a conference calling solution, you can connect many people simultaneously. This happens without having the participants meet personally. Thus, the participants do not have to travel personally to the site for a meeting. Thus, no money is spent on air tickets and hotel reservations.

They increase the productivity of your business

Conference call services help in resolving spontaneous matters. You do not have to wait for people to get into the office. They can receive the conference call anywhere and using any device. Therefore, the business can address urgent matters immediately.

They expand your business’ reach

A conference calling service helps a business to expand its reach to new frontiers. Regardless of the location of your business, you can have suppliers, partners, co-workers, and customers in any part of the world. Conference call services Canada helps you connect with the clients and customers within no time.

These are not the only benefits of conference calling services. But you cannot reap these benefits if you do not choose the right conference calling solution. But what are the best conference call services in Canada?

Best conference calling services in Canada


Callbridge is a conference calling solution in Canada. However, their services extend to global markets connecting your clients and suppliers easily, professionally, and quickly. The conference calling service has a clear and crisp audio system. They offer toll-free dial-in numbers, and it is one of the best international conference call services in Canada.

Callbridge has several calling plans. They offer you a 14-day free trial with all standard features. Other pricing options include the standard, deluxe, and enterprise options.


The other conference call service in Canada is the Conferencecaller. Reservations in this solution are up to 50 people per meeting. Their services are available internationally, making them among the leading international conference call service providers in Canada. It has three pricing options. They include local toll dial-in, dial-out (web/phone), and toll-free dial-in. It is a reservationless service, meaning that you can dial at any time.


Conference call services are a blessing to many businesses. They can reduce the operating costs and use the funds in other more productive services. They also enable the business to grow and increase its reach globally. However, there are factors to consider before choosing a conference calling solution. These are the bare minimum for a suitable conference calling service.

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