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Choose the Windows VPS that’s Worth the Money!


Today, VPS solutions for Windows come in a wide variety of packages, tiers, and features. While there’s no doubt that these solutions bring more convenience and reliability, choosing the right Windows VPS service can get confusing. To make the choices easier for you, we’ve put together this list of the best services. Take your time and browse through these services before you go ahead and buy Windows VPS today.

How we selected the best Windows VPS services

We used specific parameters to assess the most-used VPS services available today. Using these indices, we narrowed it down to those services that offered the best features with the highest value for money.


Before you buy Windows VPS, the first thing you might consider is your budget. So, we ensured that the services mentioned here each provide excellent value for money.


Whether you’re using the VPS for gaming or trading Forex, you want your server/website to load quickly and promptly. So, we tested each VPS service to verify which vendors had the best loading times.


We looked for those providers who can support and deliver consistent uptime. Unexpected downtimes can cost you traffic, money, customers, or opportunities. So, we ensured that only those services that lead in uptime rates are mentioned here.

Scalable solutions

Regardless of how your website or online presence works, one of the perpetual goals is to grow and increase its reach or visibility. And you want hosting solutions that can offer corresponding levels of capabilities and features when you need more resources. So, the services mentioned here are hand-picked vendors that have a rich history of delivering scalable solutions to their clients.

Now that we know how these Windows VPS services were picked, let’s get into which services made the cut.


There’s a high probability that a large number of website owners who are reading this started out on a shared plan by Hostinger. That’s because they have some of the most affordable and scalable starter packages in the industry.

Most clients upgrade and buy Windows VPS on Hostinger without migrating to other vendors. And it’s not surprising given how efficiently configured their features and plans are.

You get a dedicated IP address that adds more security and exclusivity compared to a shared plan. With 128GB RAM for each server and Intel’s Xeon processors, there’s nothing they lack on performance.


GoDaddy claims to be the top honcho in the web hosting business. And most people will agree, given the excellent customer support, 99.9% uptime, and unmatched speed and performance.

They offer four Windows VPS plans that can support a variety of businesses and websites. But most users prefer the Deluxe plan, which is a good balance of affordability and performance.

And if you consider the multiple management options, choice of OS, and free migrations, there’s a lot to like here.


Few other hosting providers offer as much personalization in servers as Kamatera. You simply select the configuration that suits your situation, and you’re good to go.

You can specify the server location, pick your processor, and pick from up to 20 different RAM options ranging from 1GB to 450GB. They’re also one of the few vendors that provide Windows Server 2019.

If you don’t prefer the customized plans, you can go for one of three preset plans that cost as little as $4/month. Kamatera is easily among the favorites when it comes to Windows servers, and you should certainly consider it before you buy Windows VPS from elsewhere.


Another contender for customizable plans is Their Windows VPS will run in as little as 40 seconds, thanks to the heavy-duty hardware and superior features.

They use the DualIntel Xeon CPUs that take cloud computing to the next level. And their blazing-fast SSDs run on industry-leading IOPS rates that make data immediately accessible with zero logs.

Their server locations are comparatively more limited because they only have four locations. But with an easy signup process, flexible plans, and fast speeds, surely gives you value for money.


Amazon Web Services is the top choice if you want flexible licensing options with a file system that’s fully managed and native-Windows. Anyone wondering whether to buy Windows VPS should take a look at AWS’s Windows hosting before deciding.

AWS guarantees 99.99% availability for each of their EC2 regions, and their Availability Zones (AZ) are in 77 locations spanning over 24 regions. How’s that for a global presence!

AWS also enjoys the reputation of being among the oldest, most trusted, and widely-used hosting providers in the industry. Hosting your Windows workloads over to AWS may potentially increase deployment by 71%, reduce downtime by 98%, and increase the productivity of developers by 26%.

Of course, these numbers are claims by AWS themselves. But given how they deliver exceptional performance for a multitude of clients, they’re surely worth checking out!

According to our criteria, there are the best Windows hosting providers on the market.

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